Saving grades


All too often, students find a way to procrastinate doing their work. The next thing they know, it is almost May, and these students are stuck struggling to avoid failing math class. Whether it is cramming everything in the last week of school or asking for extra credit in all your classes, students try to find a way to bring up their grades.  

“They do not benefit in the long run for: A. true understanding B. retention. It may help them temporarily to remember some of the facts for a test, but those points will probably not be retained to build on later,” Yvette Jones, Spanish teacher, said. 

One way students can raise their grades is to go to the East WING for help. The East WING offers tutoring to students who need help with any classwork or homework assignments.  

“[If a student came in and said they needed help bringing up a failing grade] I would take the student to the corresponding tutor and have them sign up for as many sessions as possible to get them as much help as they need,” Trinity Andrews, East WING tutor, said. 

A more dreaded option among students is to hire a tutor.  Tutors can help students further understand what they are missing in class by giving students tips and tricks to help remember material. 

“Students that have actually tried throughout the year can truly benefit from tutoring. They understand the importance of hard work, that maybe their abilities aren’t that strong. It’s okay not to be good at something as long as you’re trying your best,” Debbie McGonigle, tutor, said. 

Another option is to attend help sessions that teachers provide before and after school. Having time one- on- one with a teacher can help improve a student’s understanding on a subject. 

“Students have the opportunity to attend morning and afternoon sessions to help them bring up their grade. Students also have the chance to bring up their grade by a letter grade if the students get a distinguished on the EOC,” Ben Hofmann, biology teacher, said.   

Students, it is not too late! There is one month of school left. Do not give up on that A yet.