Bright futures for Talon seniors


After hours of studying, making sure the Talon website looks appealing, and investing in future editors, the moment has come. It is time to celebrate the Talon’s Class of 2021 journalism seniors.

Kat Kochansky, Editor-in-Chief, will be attending the University of Southern California and majoring in Journalism. Kochansky’s favorite part about her high school career was cheering on her best friends while they played a variety of sports. Her favorite classes at Etowah were journalism and AP Microeconomics. She loves how journalism gave her a creative outlet and how microeconomics challenged her.

She is excited to see where the Talon’s staff members end up in the future.

“It takes a certain kind of person to be a great writer and journalist, so this class has prepared us all to have amazing careers and lives ahead of us. I am beyond proud to have worked alongside the amazing girls of this year’s Talon graduating class,” Kochansky said. 

Alina Frederick, Head of Recruitment and Internal Affairs/ Senior Editor, will be attending the University of Tennessee (UT) and majoring in Business Marketing with a minor in Fashion Merchandise. In addition, her favorite clubs at Etowah included National English Honors Society, Beta, Newspaper, and Eagle Connections. 

“My favorite memory from EHS [Etowah High School] was cheering at Friday Night Lights football games with all my best friends and fellow teammates,” Frederick said.

Frederick’s favorite class from high school was journalism. At UT, she is most excited for a fresh start and making new memories at college. 

Riley Corona, Senior Editor, will be attending the University of Georgia and is still deciding her major. Her favorite classes in high school were U.S. History and chemistry. 

“I liked the content we learned in U.S. History. I thought it was interesting. As for chemistry, I liked the concept and thought it was fun. It was kind of a brain teaser at first, but once I understood it, the class was enjoyable,” Corona said.

Corona’s favorite clubs were Beta and National Honor Society. Her favorite memory as an Eagle was cheering on the football team on Friday nights.

Holly Kate O’Brien, Head of Marketing/Senior Editor, will be attending the University of Georgia and majoring in Mass Communications. Her favorite memory at Etowah was dressing up for the themes for football games. She will always remember the memories cheering on the Eagles from the track.

“Something I wish everyone would know going into high school is to soak in every moment, and do not take any of it for granted because it goes by so fast. Go to as many sports games as you can, dress up for the themes, and do not let drama ruin the four years you have here,” O’Brien said.

O’Brien’s favorite class was journalism. She unexpectedly entered the program freshman year, and has loved it ever since. She made some of her best friends in the class, and it inspired her to major in Mass Communications in college. Her favorite clubs were Eagle Connection and National Honor Society. 

Nicole Martin, Head of Staff/Senior Editor, will be attending Grand Canyon University and double majoring in Communications and Spanish. Her favorite classes were journalism and Spanish because she loves writing and language learning. 

“In both of those classes, I gained leadership opportunities and new experiences. I became club president of Newspaper Club. I also got the opportunity to live in Spain for three months and become fluent in Spanish,” Martin said.

Along with her academics, Martin’s favorite memories as an Eagle were the times she spent with the golf team. When going to college, she is excited to live in Phoenix and meet new people.

Ansley Melnick, Senior Editor, will be attending the University of Georgia and majoring in social work. Her favorite classes at Etowah were Honors Anatomy and AP Environmental Science. 

“I am most excited to move out, grow, and develop into my own person. I feel that many young people are often products of their environments, and I am excited to see how I change and how my peers change when we have the opportunity to live in a new environment and have new experiences,” Melnick said. 

Melnick’s favorite memory as an Eagle was being in the school musical, “Pippin,” her freshman year. This is how she met all her friends and started high school a memorable way.

Despite all the changes this year, the senior class continues to anticipate graduation with high hopes.