Picture perfect

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April 24, 2018

Students manage to get their hands on a yearbook at some point, whether it is their friend’s or their own. Students gather around to make sure that their “good side” made it into the book.  

“Right when I got my yearbook, I went straight to my own picture to make sure that I looked decent,” Sydney Newman, freshman, said.  

Students picked up their yearbook April 27 in the Old Gym.  Since then, students have been seen flipping through the pages, reminiscing on this past year.  

“When I got my yearbook, it was probably one of the best I had ever gotten, it was very well thought out,” Carlos Alvarado, sophomore said. 

The students on yearbook staff were challenged to make everything perfect for this year’s yearbook, and the book’s ended up turning out the way they pictured it. The students were nervous but excited to hand the yearbook’s out to people who bought a book. 

”You want everyone to like your pictures, and to hear from people that most are happy, makes me happy,” Marlie Garrett, freshman and member of the yearbook staff, said. 

Opal Mason, yearbook advisor, has set a goal for the yearbook to get every student in at least twice. She went to many different school events, like sporting events and prom, trying to take pictures of different students to reach her goal.  

“The yearbook is a great opportunity for students to be seen, even if they are not on a team or club,” Mason said. 

Going through high school is an unforgettable time, so many students look forward to getting their yearbooks. Students want to be able to look at them in years to come and reminisce on old times.