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Signing Day

November 27, 2017


Marching out with superior scores

Angel Beltran and Talon staff

November 27, 2017

After hundreds of hours of hard work, the Marching Eagles' season has ended on a high note.  The band accomplished its goals for the year getting superior scores in music for their show, but music wasn't the only thing in which...

Start of something new

McKenzie, Editor

October 22, 2017

  New to the teaching staff this year is Charlie Parker, a Special Education literature teacher, as well as the assistant boys’ basketball coach. “I love it here! I work with fantastic teachers who love their jobs...

The history of the Democrats

August 28, 2017

THE HISTORY- THE GOOD OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY “Liberals” -Andrew Jackson, he was a man who did many things but probably the most important was the ideal of “universal male suffrage” so now, even if you are poor a...

The history of Republicans

Teresa Chan, editor

August 28, 2017

THE HISTORY- THE GOOD OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY The GOP, the Grand Old Party… -Under Lincoln, it was issued through the Emancipation Proclamation that the slaves were no longer slaves, and the Civil War was a turning point ...

(ML) Mental healthThe Mental Health Joke

McKenzie Spindler, editor

August 28, 2017

Look back on your childhood for a second. When you were 10, what were you doing? Were you playing outside with some friends? Or maybe you were indoors playing video games or reading a book? Whichever it was, I can almost bet that...

Teen driving: part 4

Madeline Bernard, staff reporter

August 28, 2017

  On average, cell phone use makes drivers go out of control, and crash. In the amount of time it takes to check a phone, you may have already driven the length of a football field.   According to, young drivers ages...

What is even going on now?

Teresa Chan, editor

August 28, 2017

PRESENT DAY- WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON NOW 2017 The recent election has left many Americans either distraught and confused or happier than ever. For the first time in a long time, the Republicans have gathered much control over t...

Teen driving

Madeline Bernard, staff reporter

August 28, 2017

  Imagine hearing a young voice a few cars in front of you yell to another vehicle.   “Come on, chicken, speed up!” they would say.   You only hear profanities in return from the other vehicle, but you also take ...

Paper and pencil to tech savvy geniuses

Angel Beltran, staff reporter

May 23, 2017

Once upon a time students learned without the use of technology. They used the good old fashioned textbooks, no computer, no phones, and no internet. Is it hard to imagine? Think about it, just a few years ago we were taking the...

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