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  • October 17Congrats Etowah scholars on their Lamp of Knowledge recognition!

  • October 15Tryouts for Etowah's basketball team start October 22nd

  • October 15Good luck to Etowah volleyball during the 1st round of their state tournament!

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Soaring to success
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Sliding into a new season
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Pep Rally 10/05/18
Putting the ‘we’ in memes

Garrett Estes, Staff reporter
September 24, 2018

  On social media, people say and do things they would never do in their ordinary lives. This is because technology can create a feeling of empowerment and connectivity that some may not normally possess.  In the age of information, social media can also bring people together in a way that was not previously possible.   “[Social media] is a good platform to communicate with your friends, meet new people, and discover new hobbies,” Roxie...

Dear Etowah…

Kat Kochansky, Angel Beltran, and Reece Godwin
August 16, 2018

Dear Freshmen,  Three hundred and sixty-something days ago, I was sitting in the exact same seat that you sit in every day in class. Okay, maybe not the exact same seat that you sit in, but our situations are quite similar.   Etowah can be confusing to navigate when you are introduced to hundreds of new classmates and new teachers. But do not worry. I have been through the same classrooms and hallways as you, and spoiler: I made it through...

Putting pep in Etowah’s step

Alyssa Pearson, Reporter
October 5, 2018

The sound of drums beating fills the air as students walk into Etowah on a Friday morning. Trumpets break the usual morning silence. The music gradually increases the closer students walk to the courtyard. Excitement buzzes throughout the hallways. It is game day.   “I enjoy it when they [band] play in the morning because they sound good and everyone gathers to watch them,” Walt...

Eagles of the opera

Tania Diaz, Reporter
September 26, 2018

The choir will be having its annual fall concert next month that will bring opera to Etowah, and not just the phantom kind. ‘’I am excited to perform for the first time this year. I hope everything sounds good,’’ Skylar Payne, senior, said. The Women’s Intermediate Choir will be performing various songs, including a song called “Sound of the Trumpet.” This year, the women will be...

Shooting for a good season

Madeline Fisher, Editor-in-chief
August 31, 2018

With a new school year comes a new season of Etowah Eagles Television (EETV), and this season's staff has big plans. This year, EETV wants to continue highlighting students, teachers, and faculty of Etowah.   “We [Etowah] have a bunch of good students that we want to show off,” Linda Yunker, Audio and Video teacher, said.   Yunker is the only industry certified Audio and Video teacher...

The Voice of Eagle Mountain
The Voice of Eagle Mountain