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Seniors: This one is for you

Holly Kate O'Brien, Editor
January 22, 2021

2021: the year that has been on almost every t-shirt since kindergarten. Once clueless to what it meant, but now that it is here, it seems surreal. As the second semester begins, though, graduation seems painfully far away. This year has been anything but normal. For seniors, it was finally the year to take the annual picture in front of Etowah with everyone wearing black. It was the year to lead the student body at football games while screaming...

Capitol riots: protestors storm legislature 

Ila Prabhuram, Editor/ Assistant to Head of Staff
January 15, 2021

 On the afternoon of Jan. 6, 2021, as Congress affirmed President-Elect Joe Biden’s presidential victory, hundreds of pro-Trump supporters assaulted the US capitol. Within the mob, at least four people died including one woman who was shot by the U.S. Capitol Police, and more than 50 arrests were linked to the riot. The day proved to be like no other modern American historical event—the last time the Capitol was stormed was during...

A problematic performance

Hailey Weiner, Reporter
January 22, 2021

Expectations were high as a heart-warming Broadway musical sang its way into the Netflix spotlight, but "The Prom's" inclusive theme did not extend to its entire cast. Many LGBTQ+ viewers were outraged as they watched yet another cisgender actor, a person identifying as a man since birth, steal a role from a member of their community.  "I feel that LGBTQ+ actors should be looked at as a...

A record-breaking season of “The Bachelor”

Alina Frederick, Head of Recruitment and Internal Affairs
January 21, 2021

“The Bachelor” is making history multiple times this season, and it is only the beginning. Last June, “Good Morning America" announced the first Black, biracial male, Matt James, would be the bachelor in January of 2021. He is also the first bachelor on the show to never have appeared on a previous spin-off of the series.   “I am so excited to watch this season of ‘The...

The Talon’s talent: creative contest

Ila Prabhuram, Assistant to Head of Staff/ Editor
December 11, 2020

With the holidays approaching quickly, Etowah’s Newspaper Club is hosting “The Talon’s Talent”— a winter-themed creative contest — open to all Etowah students and eighth graders at E.T. Booth.   The contest includes verbal recitations of poetry, short stories, articles, songs, and short films. Participants have the choice to recite original pieces or work composed by...

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The Voice of Eagle Mountain