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The Croc talk

Alyssa Pearson, Reporter
November 29, 2018

A variety of colors. Unlimited designs. Good-quality rubber shoes people can depend on. Crocs have become popular again, and students at Etowah have varied opinions about this new trend.  “I haven’t worn Crocs since I was four years old, and it gave me blisters,” Caroline Lund, freshman, said.   According to a survey of 34 Etowah students, a little over half wear Crocs. Between students who do and do not wear the shoe, they rate...

The young and the restless

Holly Kate O'Brien, Supervisor
November 28, 2018

Some freshmen are fearful that they are the youngest in the school, while older students are excited to tower mighty over the rest of their classmates. Etowah seniors have been plagued with a serious case of senioritis, a decline in motivation or performance shown in schoolwork, while some freshmen are experiencing  just the opposite. “My hardest class is definitely government, and the only way to get through senioritis is keeping positive...

For the heroes

Nicole Martin, Reporter
November 29, 2018

Many think that Veteran’s Day goes unnoticed by the kids in America, but Etowah’s annual band concert was a way for band students to show their gratitude towards America’s veterans just before the group launches into its next concert, which will be held on Dec. 13. “I think the Veteran’s Day concert is a great way to say thank you to the members of the military and their families. It is...

Towne Lake teens make waves in ATL music scene

Kat Kochansky, Editor/Photographer
November 16, 2018

The suburbs might seem like the most unlikely place for stardom to begin, but for rising alternative band Neaptide, Towne Lake was just the right spot.   The band’s name, Neaptide, means a tide controlled by the moon and reflects the influence they have had on the Woodstock music scene.   “Well the suburbs are a pretty boring place where nothing interesting ever happens, so it seems...

An Evening at the Opera

Jazz Sturdivant, Reporter
October 30, 2018

Etowah’s annual fall chorus performance ended on a high note. Their fall concert, An Evening at the Opera, consisted of songs in Russian, Italian, and English. The Vienna Opera House inspired chorus director Will Hall on a trip the chorus took over the summer.  “We went and sang in the Vienna music gardens near the Vienna Opera House,” Daytona Parks, senior, said.  Professional...

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