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Grace Hedlund, Reporter
January 27, 2021

Music fills the store as shoppers wait in long lines to check out, holding items to purchase in one hand and cash in the other. A quick glance at a no-cash poster causes those without a credit card to leave the store empty-handed.  People have to consider how to pay for their purchases, cash, credit, or debit card, but cash is no longer an option at many businesses. Many stores are not accepting cash anymore due to the national coin...

Seniors: This one is for you

Holly Kate O'Brien, Editor
January 22, 2021

2021: the year that has been on almost every t-shirt since kindergarten. Once clueless to what it meant, but now that it is here, it seems surreal. As the second semester begins, though, graduation seems painfully far away. This year has been anything but normal. For seniors, it was finally the year to take the annual picture in front of Etowah with everyone wearing black. It was the year to lead the student body at football games while screaming...

New year, new skin

Grace Hedlund, Reporter
February 24, 2021

After late nights of homework, hormonal fluctuations, and the stress of high school, it is not uncommon for teenagers to wake up and find painful bumps, dry patches, and blackheads covering their faces.   With school, extracurricular activities, jobs, and other tasks, skincare is often knocked down on the to-do list. Although it often goes unnoticed, a solid skincare routine can...

Netflix: new year, new content

Riley Corona, Editor
February 5, 2021

Many people were eager to leave 2020 and had high expectations going into the New Year. However, Netflix's removal of several fan-favorites put a damper on many viewers’ quarantined midnight marathons.  “Whenever I’m bored, I watch Netflix. I’m not too upset shows are leaving but am excited for the new shows,” Drew Hines, sophomore, said.  Two well-known television series, “The...

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