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  • February 11Good luck to the Dancing Eagles at their first competition this weekend!

  • February 11Congrats to Etowah boys basketball on their 3rd consecutive Region championship win!

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M.I.A.: The love candy

Libby Reach, Reporter
February 15, 2019

Most would agree that one of the most iconic Valentine's Day candies are the little conversation hearts. The sayings found on them vary from “True love” to “xoxo” and can have a lot of sentimental value for such a tiny piece of sugar. Despite all this, they will not be produced or sold this Valentine’s Day due to difficulties within Necco, the business that originally produced the candy.  Necco went out of business last year, and a different...

In 500 feet, learn how to drive your stupid car

Madeline Fisher, Editor-in-Chief
February 7, 2019

Everyone is guilty of screaming, “Learn how to drive your car!” to another driver, but if we all say that, then who really knows how to drive? We all think we know how to drive, and everyone around us does not know the rules of the road. Well, let us clear the air. Let us set the record straight. Let us make it right. (Or was I supposed to turn left? *Recalculating* “Dang it!”)  You know what makes me mad? When people behind me have...

Save the drama for Thescon

Kellie Little, Editor
February 15, 2019

Everyone strives to find a place to be themselves around people who share their similar interests, and for most in Etowah’s theater program, that place is the Georgia Thespian Conference. Thescon is a three-day event in Georgia that over 5,000 thespians attend annually each February. “Thescon undoubtedly helped me. I had the opportunity to learn from trained actors and dancers to make sure that...

Cracking the world record

Mia Jacobs, Reporter
February 15, 2019

On Jan. 4, people worldwide scrambled to their Instagram's all to like a picture of an egg. Chris Godfrey crushed pop culture and broke the world record for the most Instagram likes on a single post. Just around 10 days later, Godfrey broke the record with over 45 million likes above Kylie Jenner who previously held the record with 18 million likes on a picture of with her newborn daughter.   “I...

Striking a chord at band camp

Madeline Fisher, Editor-in-Chief
February 11, 2019

On Feb. 7, 8 and 9, eight Etowah students attended in this year's Georgia Music Educators Association (GMEA) District 9 Honor band camp.  “It [making GMEA] means that you are practicing above and beyond what is required of you in the classroom,” Stephen Long, band director, said.   Tryouts for all traditional band instruments and orchestra instruments were held this past December, and...

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