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  • November 9Girls' cross country finishes 5th at state championship!
  • November 9Congrats to the cross country team on a great season!
  • November 9Congrats to the swim team for their first win on 11/7
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Let’s get stuffed

Ansley Melnick, Editor
November 20, 2020

   Thanksgiving: a day to stuff your face with way too much food, watch football, and of course, give thanks. The best part of Thanksgiving is undebatable: the food. The argument of what traditional Thanksgiving food is the best is quite controversial, and people often feel very passionate, but as a vegetarian, I felt it was vital to share my most likely unpopular opinions. Mashed potatoes. I could eat mashed potatoes all day long....

Two Week Corona-cation

Alyssa Pearson, Editor/Head of Photography and Design
November 20, 2020

The paradise of sleeping in. The luxury of watching Netflix. The flexibility of eating whatever and whenever I want. All of these sound tempting, but is it really worth getting quarantined? I thought it was, but after a long two weeks, I have officially changed my mind.  My first obstacle while quarantined for secondary exposure was lack of motivation. After a poor sleep schedule developed, I found myself staying up all night...

Never too late to watch these killer movies

Riley Corona, Editor
November 20, 2020

Halloween may be a memory, but it is not too late to spend nights cuddled under blankets, bake sweet treats, and watch scary movies.   Seasonal classics movie include “Hocus Pocus,” which has a witchy plot with a group of teens who save the day, or “The Nightmare before Christmas,” a fall movie about the adventures of Jack the Pumpkin.   “I absolutely love...

A new game is ‘Among Us’

Alina Frederick, Editor
November 17, 2020

A viral app has taken over teenagers' phones, and it is difficult to understand the excitement for the game until downloading it. At the beginning of October, the name “Among Us” started spreading around school hallways and classrooms, and it quickly grew internationally.  “'Among Us’ makes school more fun when I get to play with all the people in my classes and at lunch. It...

Bleeding through the Pages

Mia Jacobs, editor
October 31, 2020

Jumping into the Halloween spirit, many students spend the spooky season watching horror movies and TV shows, but many sleep on novels. Reading horror stories may require more effort than watching a movie, but a great novel contains the suspense and gory details that a movie will lack. Especially as limited trick-or-treaters make their rounds this year, tonight is the perfect time to cozy up with a...

The Voice of Eagle Mountain
The Voice of Eagle Mountain