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In the Heights vs. Hamilton: A Broadway Dilemma

Ila Prabhuram, Head of Staff/ Editor
August 25, 2021

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Lin-Manuel Miranda’s In the Heights and Hamilton.  Lin Manuel-Miranda's movie In the Heights was considered a sensation, receiving a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, a well-known site that rates numerous films. In the Heights is built around the ‘American Dream,’ and its unique lyrics sets it apart from the others—some even say it is better than the iconic Hamilton.  "[Miranda] somehow...

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Ava Wilson, Editor
May 21, 2021

With fewer than 20 days of school remaining, and summer break on the horizon, all that is left for Etowah students to tackle is the multitude of exams standing in the way. During this stressful period, keeping up with the latest TikTok trends is a popular pastime for many. While scrolling through the app, students have seen a plethora of new trends, challenges, and other forms of entertainment.    “My favorite trend is the ‘respect trend’...

Return of the glass slipper

Alannah Hipps, Head of Recruitment and Internal Affairs/Editor
September 3, 2021

Catchy songs, a magical fairy godparent, and pumpkin carriages. These things are commonly associated with the famous fairy tale “Cinderella”. A modern remake of the original story people know and love was released on Amazon Prime Video on Sept. 3.    This romantic musical comedy is about a young girl named Ella, played by singer Camila Cabello, who dreams of being...

Like, share, scroll

Hailey Weiner, Assistant Head of Staff
September 3, 2021

With over one billion users in 154 countries, TikTok has risen to be one of the most widely used apps in the world. Creators share short videos, with a song paired to play in the background, to be viewed across the app, gaining likes and followers in the process. While it may not be their intent, when a user posts a video on the app, they are also promoting the video’s chosen music to...

Changing the station

Jessica Lawlor, Reporter
May 21, 2021

COVID-19 has been a time of reflection for everyone, including celebrities. Due to quarantine, music artists could not collaborate with other writers and had to rely on their own talents to produce art. Many have tapped into their inner-songwriter to incorporate their personalities.  “I think some artists came out with songs that were deeper emotionally than normal,” Ally...

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