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#StopAsianHate: More than a trend

Ila Prabhuram, Assistant to Head of Staff/ Editor
April 16, 2021

Atrocity after atrocity.  When an armed gunman committed multiple mass shootings in Atlanta last month, specifically targeting Asian women, it sparked outrage across the world. The shooter was 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long from Woodstock. The killing of these six Asian women has provoked debate about anti-Asian racism worldwide.  "Personally, as an Asian-American woman, I feel afraid and extremely unsettled knowing how such violence...

The logistics of love

Alyssa Pearson, Editor/Head of Photography and Design
April 14, 2021

Love, by definition, is a feeling of deep love and affection.  This type of fondness, however, can mean something different for different people.  “In my opinion, love is being able to be vulnerable with someone and know the way they feel about you will never change,” Ava Scott, sophomore, said.  Scientifically, love is driven by attraction, lust, and hormones. With these different factors taken into consideration, attraction and...

Girl Power through podcasts

Ila Prabhuram, Assistant to Head of Staff/ Editor
March 30, 2021

Eleanor Roosevelt. Marie Curie. Rosa Parks. Each of these women has her own unique story that changed the course of history.   March is Women’s History Month. This month recognizes the historical significance of many female figures often not taught in schools. Podcasts like “The History Chicks” and “What’s Her Name?” highlight revolutionary women throughout history and...

The perfect playlist for the perfect weather

Alyssa Pearson, Editor/Head of Photography and Design
March 26, 2021

Windows cracked, hair whipping in the wind, the radio turned up. Warmer weather provides many opportunities to open the sunroof and let the long-awaited spring breeze flow through the car. This time of year beckons for music to match the mood. People make playlists to kickstart the season of warm weather. Read on to find one perfect for spring. “My favorite part of having the...

Driver’s License: Gen Z’s favorite love triangle

Ava Wilson, Editor
March 3, 2021

With the countless promotions and nonstop chatter heard in the hallways, the “Driver’s License” drama has become a hot topic among Gen Z worldwide. Released on Jan. 8 by actress and singer Olivia Rodrigo, the song “Driver’s License,” and the drama that followed, has been the talk of Towne Lake.   Shortly after its release, “Driver’s License” hit #1 on Billboard’s Top 100 songs....

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