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Uggs:  Yea or nay?

Erin Whalen, Reporter
December 19, 2018

In addition to other winter trends, a familiar brand of fuzzy boots has reappeared around school. Some students will never throw away the pair of Uggs they have had since sixth grade, while others could not wait to toss them into the garbage.  Meg Lance, freshman, does not wear Uggs herself, but she does not have anything against the boots.   “Some Uggs are cute, but some are not,” Lance said.  Although Uggs are often mistaken to...

One done, one to go

Mckenna Guinn, Reporter
December 19, 2018

The end of the semester marks the first 18 weeks completed by new freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Depending on the grade level, each student has dealt with the new half of the year differently. Freshmen are finally settling in and getting a handle on the new atmosphere of high school life. The transition from E.T. Booth to Etowah is a big leap and can be difficult to overcome, but as the first semester comes to a close, freshmen are...

Books and podcasts to spice up your break

Haley James, Editor
December 19, 2018

With winter break only a few days away, students have over two weeks of free time to relax and take some time off from schoolwork. With an ample amount of time on their hands, students can settle down with a good book or listen to a podcast without worrying about deadlines.  Although many students nowadays are against reading, especially on their own time, many books out there are relevant and...

Be our guest

Garrett Estes, Reporter
December 19, 2018

Belle, Gaston, LeFou- these are not foreign exchange students at Etowah, but students will be hearing their names in January.  Etowah's stage will be transformed into a provincial village in France for its spring musical, "Beauty and the Beast." “[I am] so excited. I can’t wait to spend half of my life with all these talented people,” Emilie Dudgeon, sophomore, said. Charlotte Forrest,...

Banding together

Riley Corona, Reporter
December 19, 2018

For many Etowah Eagles, the holiday season is an exciting time, and Etowah's band joined in on the fun with its annual winter holiday concert on Dec. 13 in the E.T. Booth gym.  “I think it went really well; the eighth graders were able to join us, and each group stepped up with their music difficulty,” Stephen Long, band director, said.  This year, the mastery band continued its tradition...

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