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Marine disaster 2.0

Ansley King, reporter
April 26, 2024

 When people hear the word ‘Titanic,’ a stunning young Leonardo DiCaprio and Celine Dion’s sweet and saddening melodies usually spring to mind. However, despite the watercraft’s horrible fate in 1912, Clive Palmer, Australian billionaire, has plans to bring the majestic beauty back to life.   In 1912, the first Titanic ship set sail from Southhampton, England, with plans to finish its journey in New York City, United States. Unfortunately,...

Taking the real out of reality

Alannah Hipps, Head of Staff/Editor
March 29, 2024

“Love is Blind.” “The Bachelor.” “Love Island.” There are hundreds of reality dating shows surrounding the same purpose: to help singles find their “perfect match.” However, as more and more of these shows continue to pop up, the idea behind reality T.V. has begun to change and evolve.  For many, the reason they like reality T.V. is the idea that the cast are normal people just like them; however, this is becoming further and further...

Fiction to future

Ansley King, reporter
March 29, 2024

Today, society is accustomed to having new scientific items and mechanisms to help the world develop. However, it is believed that late author Jules Verne somehow predicted their existence, as these designs are seen throughout his books dating back to the 1800s, which led many to believe that more of his ultramodern creations will soon be constructed, as well.  In the 1800’s, almost every reader,...

“Eternal Sunshine:” A seventh studio surprise

Grace Hedlund, Head of Social Media/Marketing
March 8, 2024

After a four-year hiatus from music, even Ariana Grande did not plan to produce any new lyrics; but following an unforeseen break in her project with the movie “Wicked,” Grande was presented with time to write, produce, and let her emotions guide her. From this artistry, her seventh studio album, “Eternal Sunshine,” was born, and fans can listen to the experience Grande touches on throughout...

Music ‘leaking’ to success

Alannah Hipps, Head of Staff/Editor
March 6, 2024

As technology continues to improve and hackers only become more advanced, music leaks have grown more common; however, these leaks and their effects may not be as bad as they once were.   In the past, if an artist’s music got leaked prior to their planned release, it could ruin their whole album and possibly even their career. Before digital streaming services became a mainstream listening platform,...

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