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Prom:  are groups worth the hassle?

Alina Frederick, Supervisor
April 19, 2019

Blossoms bloom, April showers rain down, and everyone stresses about the end of the semester.  It is springtime at Etowah, so students not only stress about bringing up grades, but also about planning the perfect prom. Most people do not realize the effort that goes into organizing prom plans until faced with doing it themselves.  “This is my first year going through the prom development, and never would I have thought it was this stressful,...

Three months in, two more to go

Alina Frederick, Supervisor
March 29, 2019

Like every year, 2019 has been the year of firsts and the year of lasts for high school students. Freshmen are eagerly anticipating the end of their first year of high school and are excited to no longer be told to “go home” by upperclassmen while seniors are anxious for the end of their final year and to finally be done with senioritis.  “I have had countless tests, track meets, and fun memories with my friends. I’ve had so many cool...

The musical was a beast

Madeline Bernard, Editor
April 24, 2019

Spring time brings many things: rain, flowers, the stress of finals looming over students, and of course the annual spring musical from Etowah’s drama department. This year’s rendition of Beauty and the Beast transformed the auditorium into a provincial French village. Preparations for the musical started late last semester. Prospective actors auditioned for the musical last semester, and they...

Got tixs?

Alina Frederick, Supervisor
April 24, 2019

As Summer 2019 approaches, so do countless concerts and shows happening right in Atlanta. From musical throwbacks to up-and-coming artists, punk rock to country music, and small concerts to huge festivals, a wide variety of music is available to concert-goers this summer.  “This summer is full of amazing concerts for every type of music, and I’m so excited to get to see my favorite artist,...

Fresh beats from Fresh Burros

Kat Kochansky, editor/photographer
March 25, 2019

While the internet has celebrated and welcomed the long-awaited return of the Jonas Brothers, Etowah students have been getting excited about music drops from up-and-coming Soundcloud account, Fresh Burros.   Cole Scott, sophomore, runs the account. Scott and his friends, who also attend Etowah, get together to write and produce music together. Lyrics include spoofs, jokes about Etowah’s...

The Voice of Eagle Mountain
The Voice of Eagle Mountain