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The clash of coffees

Hailey Weiner, assistant head of staff/editor
December 6, 2021

The sound of jingle bells. The smell of peppermint. The sight of cold foam. With holiday drinks now available, Dunkin and Starbucks continue their competition over whose coffee is better. The rivalry between Dunkin and Starbucks has occurred since their openings, but during the holiday season, the battle of the brews takes full effect on caffeine lovers.  While Dunkin locations rarely report having a shortage of menu items, Starbucks...

Standardized tests need to go

Ila Prabhuram, Head of Staff, Editor
December 2, 2021

Hours of studying. Sleepless nights. Anxiety spiking. Standardized testing takes a toll on most students, and it is something they are required to take; however, it is questioned whether this stress is necessary.  “They [standardized tests] are not a good way of telling whether a student understands a subject or not because everyone's brain works differently. I know from experience because I struggle with test-taking (…) my...

‘Rumor Has It’ there is a new album

Alyssa Pearson, Editor-in-Chief
November 15, 2021

With over 500,000 vinyl copies already produced, Adele’s new album 30 is breaking records. Soon to be released on Nov. 19, the six-year wait for her music is finally over.  “I am most excited about the storytelling aspect of it because she got a divorce. Her past albums were about her love, and this is another aspect of her life,” Ansley Rippey, junior, said.  Adele originally announced...

Scary good movies

Grace Hedlund, Head of Marketing/Social Media
October 29, 2021

A cool breeze rustles leaves outside the window. Shadows move around the walls while a horror film plays on the television. As “Spooky Season” continues, new scary movies joined with old favorites create the perfect Halloween atmosphere.   Disney Channel has a wide selection of flicks for the season, one of the most popular being Halloweentown, a movie that follows teenager...

Risking it all for the fortune

Hailey Weiner, Assistant to the head of staff/Editor
October 27, 2021

Breaking Netflix’s most-watched series record with 111 million viewers, the overnight sensation, ‘Squid Game,’ has made its way to Etowah. With earbuds in and captions on, students are joining the rest of the world to binge the hit Korean drama.   “The show was very interesting, and it had so many plot twists. The end definitely threw me the most,” Erin Bradley, junior, said.   ‘Squid...

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