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Kat Kochansky, editor
March 25, 2020

Some are calling it “Corona-cation;” others are calling it “the end of the world,” but one thing is clear to everyone:  there are no answers and no absolutes right now.   “We have never lived through anything like this before,” Andrew Cuomo, New York governor, said.  Not only is a presidential election on the horizon, economic markets are also unsteady, and to top all of that off, every day seems like a pandemic overload with...

Love of the games

Alina Frederick, Editor
March 12, 2020

From tennis matches to football games, many students love Etowah sports. I ran a poll on my Instagram account asking students what are their favorite sports games to attend, and the top three were Varsity football, baseball, and basketball games.   “To me, sports games are a huge component to high school, and I will remember the memories I've had at them forever,” Sarah Mahoney, junior, said.  The most popular vote was Varsity football games....

Summer raves

Holly Kate O'Brien, Editor
March 23, 2020

The weather is warming; summer is approaching, and festivals are coming. Students are preparing to see their favorite artists visit and perform concerts in Atlanta. Every person has a different taste in music, and there is something for everyone. Since Harry Styles came out with his new album, “Fine Line,” back in December, students are obsessing over his music and are excited to listen to him...

Too little, too late?

Richard Vian, Reporter
March 13, 2020

Picture this. It is 2012. Justin Bieber is the talk of the nation. His name is all over the internet. He eventually blended in with every A-lister. Now it is 2020, and he is back with a new documentary, album, and tour.  “I didn’t think it was that bad; it had some quality; it’s just not my thing though,” Marcus Youngblood, freshman, said  The documentary is about Bieber’s...

Practice is the key to success

Ava Wilson, Reporter
March 2, 2020

Etowah’s Band is known for bringing Eagle spirit to football games and pep rallies, but many people do not know that they also compete against bands from other schools. This week the band will travel to Reinhardt University to compete at the Large Group Performance Evaluation (LGPE). In order to prepare, the Orchestra, Intermediate, Symphonic, and Mastery Bands traveled to Reinhardt for the pre-LGPE...

The Voice of Eagle Mountain
The Voice of Eagle Mountain