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Springing into summer break–now what?

Ella Daugherty, reporter
May 4, 2020

Sunny days at the pool. Family vacations to the beach. A night out with friends. Will all of these be cancelled? This idea is causing many to lose hope that summer of 2020 will be fun; however, there are still fun places opening to look forward to once school is out. COVID-19 has not put a halt to all summer fun because there are still many ways to enjoy it.   Beaches are a popular place to go once school ends. Most beaches...

Living life fully

Holly Kate O'Brien, Editor
April 30, 2020

When people say to live life to the fullest, what does that mean? From climbing a 3,000 foot mountain, skydiving, or swimming in the Great Lakes, everyone has a different answer to that question.  “I have always wanted to go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, and someday I am going to make it happen,” Will Garvey, senior, said. Since the world is changing almost daily during this unusual time, many students have decided not to take life...

Un-Locke the magic

Ila Prabhuram, staff reporter
May 7, 2020

An untimely murder. Magical keys. Rebellious kids. This article will provide the key to unlock the plot of Netflix’s “Locke & Key.”  Based on a popular comic book series, the show is the story of a group of kids exploring a rambling house filled with magical keys.  “'Locke and Key’ was one of those shows that made you think, ‘What the heck am I watching?’ Sometimes it felt...

Summer raves

Holly Kate O'Brien, Editor
March 23, 2020

The weather is warming; summer is approaching, and festivals are coming. Students are preparing to see their favorite artists visit and perform concerts in Atlanta. Every person has a different taste in music, and there is something for everyone. Since Harry Styles came out with his new album, “Fine Line,” back in December, students are obsessing over his music and are excited to listen to him...

Too little, too late?

Richard Vian, Reporter
March 13, 2020

Picture this. It is 2012. Justin Bieber is the talk of the nation. His name is all over the internet. He eventually blended in with every A-lister. Now it is 2020, and he is back with a new documentary, album, and tour.  “I didn’t think it was that bad; it had some quality; it’s just not my thing though,” Marcus Youngblood, freshman, said  The documentary is about Bieber’s...

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The Voice of Eagle Mountain