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‘Babylon’ and the future of cinema

Walter Wagner, Reporter
February 6, 2023

Damien Chazelle, award-winning director best known for the critically acclaimed films “Whiplash” and “La La Land,” recently released the three-hour epic “Babylon.” The movie tells the story of an ensemble of characters in Hollywood throughout the 1920’s and ‘30’s, when the film industry was evolving from silent films to movies with sound. Despite a star-studded cast and a promising story, the film released last month to a failure...

An epidemic the world is not prepared for

Elizabeth Risinger, Head of Events
February 3, 2023

Picture this: you wake up to the sound of high pitched noises coming from the living room. As you go to investigate, you see your little sibling munching on Cheerios and watching “CocoMelon” on his iPad, volume full blast. You are annoyed, but you cannot express your feelings for fear that the little demon before you will lash out and start screaming. You watch as he smashes the dry cereal into his mouth, slobber everywhere, and wonder: “how...

The Thing about Wednesday

Cheyenne Bradley and Aislin Steiner
January 24, 2023

The Thing about Wednesday By: Cheyenne Bradley Snap twice for the newest addition to the Addams Family film franchise: “Wednesday.” The series is centered around the family’s teenager, Wednesday Addams, Morticia and Gomez Addams’ morbid daughter. The Netflix series revolves around her boarding school adventures and potential love stories.  Just like her parents, Wednesday also attended...

Acapella ‘around the world’

Ansley Giesler, Head of recruitment and internal affairs
January 13, 2023

Pentatonix, the iconic acapella group most commonly known for their holiday albums, have yet again created another series of Christmas tunes: “Holidays Around the World.” These songs showcase the different languages practiced all across the globe. “I love the unity Pentatonix’s new album creates, with all the different languages and the use of those languages to sing Christmas music [that]...

A Guardian’s Christmas

Sean Banda, Reporter
December 14, 2022

Since “Iron-Man’s" release in 2008, Marvel Studios has consistently dominated the movie market. With hits such as “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and “Avengers: Infinity War,” the studio has managed to win over fans’ hearts all over the world with its big cast of loveable characters and exciting stories. One team, however, has managed to stand out amongst the massive group of characters: that...

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