Starting off fresh(men)


Moving from middle school to high school is a big transition, and there are many changes that come with it. The rising freshmen are already talking about what they are looking forward to the most.  

“I am excited to meet new people, especially the boys,” Meg Lance, eighth grader, said.  

E.T. Booth is strict when it comes to wearing track shorts and leggings, so girls are excited to have a variety of options on what to wear.  

“I am most excited to have freedom with what I wear at school,” Sadie Brooks, eighth grader, said. 

Freshmen are getting excited for the new year. They are looking forward to being given the opportunity to select their courses along with the social aspect of high school. 

“I am taking almost all honors classes for freshman year,” Laurel O’Brien, eighth grader, said.  

The guys are looking forward to Friday night lights and switching from the E.T. Booth basketball court to the Etowah court. 

“I’m excited to play football and lacrosse and learn new things about these sports. I can’t wait for the new experiences as a high school student athlete,” Braden Bohannon, eighth grader, said 

The eighth graders are prepared for the next four years of their lives, and it all begins on Friday, May 25, with the Eagle Walk by rising freshmen.  Cue Fifteen by Taylor Swift; the freshmen are on their way.