A singularity at Etowah

Garrett Estes

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  Some people think that the only way to discover new things is to go out and explore.  Others know there is a much easier way to do so. Nicholas Singleton, Etowah’s newest Environmental Science and Forensic Science teacher, discovers something new every day in his classroom.  

  Singleton has a passion for teaching that he is ready to bring to his students.  He wants to shape the minds of the future generation into better, smarter people.

  “I plan to bring energy. I am a high energy kind of guy, you know. I plan to bring new ideas to the science department and incorporate what I learned in college about teaching. Try to revamp things up if we need, too,” Singleton said.

  Singleton enjoys the personal bond that teaching lets him form with his students.  Etowah’s warm welcome has not gone unnoticed by Singleton.

  “Everyone is super nice. All the teachers here, administrators, counselors are really nice and really helpful. My kids that I teach have been amazing so far,”Singleton said.

  Etowah hopes to see great things from Singleton and his students.