The revolution will be live

Garrett Estes

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  Following in the footsteps of great black films throughout the history of cinema, such as Moonlight, 12 Years a Slave, and Selma, comes Black Panther.  Even though this film was released in 2018, the character has been around since 1966 and has been a symbol of hope in the black community.  However, as a film; it is more flawed than some people like to admit.

  The movie is filled with phenomenal acting, interesting conflict, and a complex villain that most Marvel movies lack.  However, what brings it down are poor pacing, outdated computer-generated imagery, or CGI, and a story with a slow start.  However, it still holds merit as a big-budget blockbuster.


  Chadwick Boseman reprises his role from Captain America: Civil War as the Black Panther: aka T’Challa.  Set shortly after the events of Civil War, T’Challa must deal with what it means to be  king of Wakanda, a fictional country in Eastern Africa, and finding what is best for both his people and the world.  His viewpoint will be challenged by Erik Killmonger (portrayed by Michael B. Jordan), T’Challa’s secret cousin who wishes to use Wakanda’s advanced technology to get revenge for subjugated Africans.  

  This conflict of ideologies ends up being the most interesting part of the film.  The problem with this is the pacing. Jordan’s character shows up briefly in the beginning of the film, but does not appear again until about an hour in.  The time in between is filled by a different villain, that being Klaw (played by Andy Serkis). While Serkis’s performance is entertaining, Klaw has very little impact on the story as a whole.  

  “I never freeze,” Chadwick Boseman, star of Black Panther, says.

  As for the ranking of all the films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Black Panther stands somewhere in the middle.  It is held back from being near the top by its plot and structure issues, but as a whole, the film is still enjoyable, and continues to be a beacon for the black community.