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Garrett Estes

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February 15, 2019

Prom is the image of the perfect night for many who have made it halfway through high school.  Students have bought their costly dresses and rented their tuxedos, rented the limousine, and made the Kani House reservation.  The dance is traditionally for juniors and seniors, but at Etowah, freshmen and sophomores are trying to get in on the party, too.

“Students shouldn’t have to share everything, so as upperclassmen, there should be some sort of benefit to being an upperclassman, and I think prom is that.  Having underclassmen would just kind of be annoying, as it already is,” Ryan Melligan, senior, said.

While there are many underclassmen who do want to go to prom, others do not believe it is a good idea.  Some think that by inviting underclassmen, it makes prom less special. Although underclassmen are allowed at prom as a date to an upperclassman, they must be 15-years-old.  In fact, there is an age limit for non-EHS students going as dates, as well; they must be between 15 and 20-years-old and have a permission slip.

“I think underclassmen going to prom with upperclassmen is perfectly fine. Prom is for upperclassmen, but if they choose to go with someone of a lower grade, then that’s alright. I’m a junior, and I’m going with my girlfriend who’s a sophomore,” Alex Myers, junior, said.

Other juniors and seniors see no problem at all.  To them, freshmen and sophomores have going been going to prom for years.

“I think that since I got invited by an upperclassman that I get the privilege of attending the dance,” Riley Corona, sophomore, said.

No matter who attends, students still get to have a good time at one of the most iconic events in all of high school. Prom-goers will still make memories at the fabulous Fox for an unforgettable Night on the Nile.