How to be the freshest freshman: College edition

Garrett Estes

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 Graduation day is coming.  Soon enough, Etowah’s seniors will be freshmen once again, like the rebirth of the phoenix.  Just like high school freshmen, they will be going through new experiences, trials, and relationships at a new school.  Sure, the movies have probably helped to shape opinion on the college lifestyle, but many things taught about college are lies.  

  If students thought there was more freedom in high school, college is another level. Students can eat lunch anywhere, pick all of their classes, and choose when they take them.  

  “I think it’s a lot harder there because you’ve been with the same people for elevenish years, but in college, no one knows you.  So if someone is looking for a change in their life, college is the perfect opportunity to be who you want to be,” Danielle Goold, Etowah graduate, said.

  It is always important to be prepared.  Of course students will need the basics, like comfortable walking shoes, a sturdy backpack, and a laptop.  However, those away from home may need more.  A tide pen is a useful addition for spills, as well as a flash drive, portable fan, Kleenex, extra bed sheets, and minimalistic clothing that can be mixed and matched for many outfit options.

  “Also, a first aid kit for the dorm room.  Band-aids, Tylenol, disinfectant cream, that sort of stuff,” Goold said.

  Meal plans are pointless.  A cheap trick that not many students know is that they can easily get food in the nearby dumpster.  It is not as fancy, but there is just as much variety for free.  Just be on the watch for raccoons as dumpsters tend to be gathering place for the stealthy animals.  Getting a meal plan is cool too; you do you.

  Another useful college hack is to bring plenty of wooden stakes.  If you have seen the most accurate depiction of a college freshman experience there is, Buffy the Vampire Slayer season four; you would know that there are quite a few vampires lurking around college campuses.  Better to be safe than be food for vampires.

  Now, you are ready for your own college experience.  You are ready to face your college experience better than prepared those other kids who did not read this.  Or maybe not.