Giving principal


Robert Horn believes students should go to a school that teaches them responsibility and accountability. Horn thinks it is best for his students to guide the ship that is Etowah, by treating others the way they themselves want to be treated. He wants his students to be ready and prepared for college by the time they graduate.   

“I’m the captain of the ship of our school, but the ship, our students and staff, does the work,” Horn said.  

Horn decided that after his time teaching, he wants to give back to his community. Growing up with a disabled brother taught him the importance of family. Horn hopes to help with the Red Cross in his future to extend his hand to charity. 

“If I was not a principal, I would want to be doing something to give back to the people in need,” Horn said. 

Horn lives in the community and wanted to be a part of it . Before coming to Etowah, Horn taught social studies, team sports, and weight training. He grew up wanting to become a teacher.  After years of teaching, he moved into administration which lead him to Eagle Mountain.