The write club to join


Two months of school have passed in a blur of change, loss, and cancellation, but The Talon, Etowah’s scholastic newspaper, is back on track and functioning like business as usual. After the first informational meeting about the club and its role in the community on Sept. 17, members are gearing up for a new year. 

“I’m excited to come back to the newspaper in a leadership position because I love helping new people in the class feel welcome and develop their voices as writers,” Nicole Martin, senior, club president, said. 

There are many roles available in the club such as writers, photographers, and artistsNew and returning members work together to constantly produce new content for the school’s online newspaper. Because of the considerable number of tasks available to everyone who joins, the Etowah press covers many topics from sports to opinions of coffee and reviews of movies. 

“I am most excited to work on and write articles that the student body will find interesting and enjoy reading,” Charlotte Luiña, freshman, said. 

COVID-19 is one obstacle for Newspaper Club as leadership works to keep up with all the new members. Since the paper is entirely online, students are able to easily access, edit, and review all articles posted through Office 365 and Google Drive. Even though changes have been made to accommodate for the virus, Mrs. Loversky, club sponsor, has not lowered the bar for her students and their work.  

“The article choices are up to the students as this is their newspaper, not mine. I will continue to instill in them the values of accuracy and the pursuit of truth while reporting. I will continue to challenge them to do their personal best — to find those stories that affect Eagle Mountain — and to find a way to make them interesting and entertaining for all readers,” Loversky said.  

Participating in a club like Etowah’s Newspaper club will not only benefit one’s writing, but help students make friends along the way. When students enter the classroom, they are immediately greeted with smiling faces, even if masks cover them. Joining the Talon gives Etowah students of all grades a way to enjoy bonding with their peers.  

“Being in both the club and the class, I can say I have become friends with students I would have never met otherwise. I have made connections I know I will have forever along with a long-lasting experience of having deadlines and working with people I may not know,” Mia Jacobs, junior, said.  

For those interested in Newspaper Club, Loversky welcomes them to contact her via email ([email protected]) or in person at room EE118. With a major increase in staff, this year’s Newspaper Club is ready to make the upcoming school year its best while keeping Eagle Mountain informed.