Power of the People

Kat Kochansky

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“If you want change, do it yourself.” That is the motto that Etowah’s Student Government Association (SGA) follows, and this year more students applied to be a part of the change. With an increase in applicants, some SGA members feared losing their positions. 

“I think more people wanted to become a part of SGA for the greater good of the school,” Chloe Mnich, 2018-19 sophomore class representative, said. 

After the success of this year’s Fest at the Nest, the Winter Dance, and other SGAsponsored events, a growing number of students became interested in joining. Some believe this surge in participation is due to the scramble to boost college resumes.  

“People ran because of the last-minute rush to try and get stuff for college resumes,” Cole Dallas, sophomore class representative, said. 

With more students running for limited positions, those who have been a part of SGA previously have had to face new opposition, and the possibility of losing their positions. As elections approached, many reminded classmates of the successes SGA has had with its current members.  

“If elected, I (and other students) want to continue the Winter Dance. This is a no-brainer because of the extremely positive response,” Chris Cooke, 2018-2019 junior class representative, said.  

Talks of resurrecting the homecoming dance may also affect the decision to have a winter dance again. 

Those who have been a part of the organization are motivated to run for office again after remembering why they started in the first place. For Dallas, his motivation throughout the past three years of running for SGA has remained constant. 

“I wanted to help out and be a part of my school,” Dallas said. 

SGA has allowed students past and present to have a voice in their school, and the upcoming 2019-2020 representatives will be no different. Congratulations to next year’s SGA members.