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An addition to Etowah
January 20, 2021

Students who are looking for a way to express themselves through projects and make new friends are a perfect fit for the Etowah Art Club. During this after school club, students use their artistic abilities to create original projects.

“I’ve enjoyed the clay projects that we’ve done this year for fun, like ornaments or just anything we feel like making,” Ashlin Nicole, sophomore, said.

Most Mondays when Etowah is in person, the Art Club meets after school in Shannah Dean’s class, room 7103, for an hour. In the club, students participate in community service, games, and art projects. This club provides an easy-going setting for students to make new friends and hang out, while also practicing art. The club does not meet when Etowah is digital.

“Things are very laid back, which sometimes makes it hard for us to decide what we are going to do in the class. That is why I want to be the Art Club president—to give the club direction while keeping things laid back,” Jakub Periut, sophomore, said.

The 2020-2021 school year is different for the club because students must be socially distanced due to COVID-19. Club members have not been doing the projects they usually do, so this year they have done small clay and painting projects individually. There is no cost to join the club.

If interested, go to Dean’s room for meetings on Mondays when school is face-to-face, and text Jakub Periut at 770-231-6000 with questions. Members hope to see new students and a fresh input within the club.