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Photo Credit: Hallmark logo

A layer of snow coats the ground as the opening credits of a Hallmark movie plays on the T.V. For many, these films are traditional when celebrating the Christmas season, but others believe they are not worth watching.  

Hallmark movies are known for their heartwarming storylines that bring people into the holiday spirit. Oftentimes, they are sappy love stories of a girl and a guy falling in love after a conflict. One of the most common plots is where the main characters are rivals before they work together and end up in a relationship. While some believe that this is what makes them appealing, others feel it becomes repetitive and boring. 

“I like Hallmark movies because they are fun to watch and enjoy with family members,” Hayden Bresler, junior, said.  

One positive aspect of the films is that there is one for every holiday. Not only are there an array of Christmas movies but also about Thanksgiving, Easter, and Hanukkah. The variety allows people to enjoy them, even if they do not celebrate the common holidays.  

“They [Hallmark movies] always put me into the holiday spirit. I think it is really cool that I can see what it is like to celebrate the holidays that I do not,” Anna Wolfe, freshman, said.  

However, some think Hallmark movies are cheesy and consist of low-quality acting. Most have plots that are not realistic, which can make them tacky and hard to relate to.  

“I do not like Hallmark movies because they are always predictable and cliché,” Megan Reed, sophomore, said.  

No matter what one’s opinions are on Hallmark movies, they are always a fun choice when looking for a cute holiday movie to watch on a snowy day.