Spring show will go on

Kat Kochansky

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With the future of in-person classes in question, seniors in Etowah’s drama program are hoping the spring production of “Anastasia” makes it to the stage for the planned dates of March 26 and 27. Cherokee County schools closed beginning Jan. 11 in the face of a massive number of faculty quarantines following Holiday Break, and as Etowah returns to school, the future of many extracurriculars is uncertain. 

“We have drastically decreased our cast in order to make social distancing attainable, and we rehearse with masks strongly encouraged,” Sarah DeProspero, senior, said.

With many changes, some were disappointed at not making the downsized roster of actors. However, those who are able to participate are choosing to emphasize the positives coming out of this year’s changes. 

“One of my favorite parts about this year’s show is that the show’s cast is super small and close unlike last year,” Deprospero said.

With limited seating at the musical, cast members are already figuring out who they want to invite to see them in action and working to ensure social distancing. 

“In regards to COVID, I plan on asking different guests to attend on different days,” Connor Fisher, senior, said. 

Currently, the musical’s cast is continuing to prepare for performances as usual this spring. As Cherokee returns to face-to-face school for an uncertain length of time, the cast of Etowah’s annual musical has decided that the show must go on.