Springing into summer break–now what?

Ella Daugherty

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Sunny days at the pool. Family vacations to the beach. A night out with friends. Will all of these be cancelled? This idea is causing many to lose hope that summer of 2020 will be fun; however, there are still fun places opening to look forward to once school is out. COVID-19 has not put a halt to all summer fun because there are still many ways to enjoy it 

Beaches are a popular place to go once school ends. Most beaches in Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia are opening back up, but with restrictions. Most are open during certain hours, but they do not allow huge gatherings. Sun tanning, jogging, surfing, swimming, and fishing are allowed. 

Lake Allatoona is also a great place to enjoy a warm sunny dayNow that the state park is open, people can go kayaking in the warm weather or go fishing by the shore. The beaches are also opening to the public, and marinas are opening back up, so people can enjoy a fun boat day on the lake.   

If the open water is not appealing, neighborhood pools are also getting ready for summer. Swim Atlanta Pool Management, which manages over most neighborhood pools around Woodstock, is still opening pools, but there might be a delayThe Cherokee Aquatic Center is going to open May 1 to the public.  

Hiking is a great way to get sun and some exercise. Trails are still open to the public, so there is no excuse not to go outside and see breathtaking views. 

Another option is to soak up the sun in a local park. Parks are open with social distancing rules of staying six feet apart. However, the playgrounds are closed. Pack a lunch and go eat at a park with family and friends. 

Even if movie theaters are closed and concerts are cancelled, there are still several ways to have a fun summer while social distancing