Sunshine after cloudy days


As May begins, mandated stay-at-home orders are coming to an end just in time for the UV index to be averaging 8 or higher daily. Although this allows for more businesses to reopen and less rules around socialization, it is still important to follow a few basic guidelines when getting outside to enjoy the beautiful spring weather. 

When heading out for a walk, run, or other physical activity, maintaining a six-foot distance from strangers is important. Hiking on less crowded trails, allowing people to pass on the sidewalk, and getting outside early in the morning or later in the evening will lessen the chance of contact with others. 

“I typically walk my dogs every day. I need to start wearing sunscreen on my walks, though,” Chris Haswell, sophomore, said.  

 Another great way to spend the day is lying out at a pool. For those with their own swimming pool this is a fantastic time to catch some rays in the comfort of home; however, many neighborhood and public pools are delaying or canceling the summer season. Now might be the perfect time to invest in an inflatable kiddie pool.  

I’ve been dreaming about tanning all winter long, but it is starting to look like pools aren’t going to open so, I took measures into my own hands and invested in a pool,” Devin Varnadoe, junior, said. 

With Lake Allatoona so close, a day on the water is an exciting way to get out of the house. For those who have a boat or jet ski the warm weather is making this spring a perfect time to “test the waters” for the upcoming summer season. Be sure to stay in smaller groups. 

I honestly love quarantine because it lets me go out on the lake,” Athan Ribley, junior, said. 

Even if venturing to a pool or the lake is out of reach, there are plenty of ways to catch rays from home. Lying out with a book or music to tan is a simple and relaxing way to spend the day, or grab some sidewalk chalk, bike around the block, or try jump roping. Sometimes doing activities from childhood can be the best entertainment.  

No matter how one chooses to get outside, fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for both mental and physical health. Stay safe by following these simple guidelines, and most importantly do not forget the sunblock.