The “Key” to service


Good on college applications? A way to earn a letter? Helping others? Making a difference?  These are all benefits to participating in the vast number of community service opportunities in the Woodstock area. 

There are many community service clubs to get involved in at Etowah. One of them is Key Club, an international club that focuses on improving the community through service. In Key Club, the students participate several community service acts, such as gathering donations for various organizations, raising money for The Salvation Army in the holiday bell-ringing, raising money for Kiwanis (Key Club’s parent organization) in the semiannual pancake breakfast, and much more. Key Club meets every other week on Tuesday mornings and afternoons at Etowah East in room 111.  

“I like to volunteer at Key Club because it makes me help the community and better everybody else’s life’s through community service,” Lillian Derenthal, sophomore, said.  

Student Ambassadors is another club at Etowah that focuses on community service. Once dues are paid, students get emails for many volunteering opportunities in town. Most volunteering opportunities involve the Junior Eagles who are younger kids in the community. For example, students can tutor the elementary students at Hidden Falls mobile home park. To become a student ambassador, see Ms. Kristy Szpindor. 

“Student Ambassadors gives me and many others here at Etowah an opportunity to help younger students grow as leaders and make a positive impact on those around them. At the same time, I continue to grow and benefit from the knowledge and actions of the people around me,” Carlee Nichols, freshman, said. 

Volunteering at local churches is another way to earn community service hours. Some churches look for students to watch and mentor over the nursery or younger kids. There are also many food pantries at these churches the need volunteers. Hillside United Methodist Church assists the Forever Fed program that focuses on helping the less fortunate get meals for their families. To get involved in Forever Fed, click hereChurches also go on mission trips beyond their own communities to give back to others on a more global scale. Mission trips vary from around the country to beyond its borders and abroad.  

“I went on a mission trip to Honduras. I expected to just do physical labor, but it turned out to be an experience where I could build relationships with them and see how it affected people,” Nicholas Martin, junior, said. 

The East Wing is actively looking for tutors in all grades. Students can tutor around their schedule since the East Wing is open all weekdays before school, during lunch, and after school to tutor in any subject. Training is needed to become a tutor. See Dr. Heather Barton in the East Wing to become a tutor and get trained.  

“I got involved in the East Wing because I wanted to take an untraditional and fun class. I enjoy volunteering [at the East Wing] because I’m a big believer in treating others the way you want to be treated and doing the right thing. I try to be the best version of myself and project that in my surroundings [in the East Wing],” Sam Marktanner, senior, said. 

Along with the feeling of doing a good deed, students can earn a letter for their community service. In order to get a letter, students need 30 hours of in school community service and 30 hours of out of school service. To log hours volunteered, print out the service log here and give it to Szpindor in room 7206. Volunteering is a great way to get involved in the community and to give back to others, and Etowah has many opportunities to help students.