Be the light in the storm

Nicole Martin

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May 14, 2021

Here it is again: another news article about the pandemic that has swept across the world. Billions of people suffer from the heartache of losing jobs, family members, graduations, proms, vacations, incomes and more. However, there is still plenty to smile about. 

Actor John Krasinski recently created a YouTube channel called “Some Good News” where he shares stories about small acts of kindness happening around the world. On top of that, guest stars tune in to the show to share some joy. His first episode featured Steve Carell from “The Office” and 15-year-old Cancer survivor Coco. Guy Fieri, astronauts aboard the International Space Station, the original Hamilton cast, healthcare workers from Boston, and more have joined the show via video call.  

On April 19, he hosted a live prom to compensate for all of the proms that were cancelled this year. The Jonas Brothers, Billie ElishFinneas O’Connell, Chance the Rapper, and Rainn Wilson joined the live prom. On May 3, he hosted an online graduation where he connected to students of the class of 2020 around the world on a giant video chat. Valedictorians gave their speeches, and some celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg and more, came to answer questions that students had. 

Locally, people are coming together to put smiles on the faces of their neighbors. One common trend is that people are putting stuffed bears in their windows so when kids go on walks with their families, they can enjoy a “bear hunt.” Additionally, around Woodstock, an anonymous group has put up signs that say “this too shall pass.”  

In Georgia, state parks are open, which means many people can get outside to enjoy fresh air and nature sights while adhering to social distancing rules. For example, Georgians can have picnics, go fishing, go on hikes, or visit parks, including Amicalola Falls and Gibbs Garden. 

On top of this, celebrities around the world have released new songs about staying positive. One Republic recently released a song called “Better Days” about staying positive during difficult times. The music video is a collaboration of videos sent in by fans around the world. Luke Combs wrote about missing his family and waiting for happy days in his song “Six Feet Apart.”  

For fans of the Twilight Saga, good news is here! Author Stephenie Meyer is releasing a spin-off called “Midnight Sun” on August 4 to give fans something to look forward to. 

Across social media, teens are connecting through trends. On Instagram, many people have participated in challenges. These have included posting workout challenges, Bible verses, favorite songs and more, as well as tagging other Instagram users to post the same. On Tik Tok, many users are creating videos about quarantine designed to be relatable and funny. 

Meanwhile other celebrities have hosted virtual concerts. Niall Horan has performed songs on his Instagram lives. More than 20 musicians came together to sing “If the World Was Ending” by JP Saxe and Julia Michaels to support the fundraiser Doctors Without Borders.  

While these uncertain times are scary and mentally draining for many people, there is still plenty to smile about. Look at the positive in every moment. Whether it be having some time to relax or work on personal goals, spending time with family, finding reasons to laugh, or listening to good music, be the light amid the storm.