Un-Locke the magic

Ila Prabhuram

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May 10, 2023

An untimely murder. Magical keys. Rebellious kids. This article will provide the key to unlock the plot of Netflix’s “Locke & Key. 

Based on a popular comic book series, the show is the story of a group of kids exploring a rambling house filled with magical keys. 

“’Locke and Key’ was one of those shows that made you think, ‘What the heck am I watching? Sometimes it felt like I was watching a twisted kids’ show, and other times, it seemed like I was watching an Eighties dramatic rom-com. Overall, it was intriguing and a good idea,” Lyla Dennis, freshman, said.  

The show revolves around the Locke family moving into an ancient house which contains several different magical keys. Those include the Matchstick Key, which starts fires; the Head Key, which allows a person to rummage around in one’s brain; and the Ghost Key, which lets one become a ghost. 

A new key lands in the Locke children’s hands, and the show follows their journey after they get hold of the keys. The Locke children, Bode, Nina, Kinsey, and Tyler, find themselves in a magical pit after they find out the powers of the keys.  

The show was developed from the comics by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez. As a relatively new show, it premiered on Netflix on Feb. 7, 2020. 

Understanding the show is key to unlocking the plot.