Speeding toward $avings


Sixteen years later, and the time has finally come for the coveted teenage rite of passagegetting a driver’s license–the time to stop riding the bus, and the time start driving to school. Parking spots at Etowah are officially on sale for half priceWhat cost students $90 in August is now slashed to $45.  

“It seems like a fair dealhalf price for half of the time,” Nicholas Martin, junior, said.  

Currently, Etowah East still has spots available, but once all those are taken, students will have to purchase the parking spots near the tennis courts. An added bonus: students can get exercise while walking to their class from the parking lot, so they should not complain. 

“I do not want to park at the tennis court lot because it is a very long walk,” Campbell Munsey, sophomoresaid. 

Although students may have a late birthday, they can still enjoy the parking perks that come second semester.