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Ansley Melnick, Reporter

   Entering 2020 means resolutions for new diets and trends to pursue a healthier lifestyle. Unfortunately, for many families and teens, eating out is a regular occurrence due to laziness or lack of nutritional knowledge. Rather than eating at Burger King for the fourth time this week, it is important for people to know delicious, healthy dining options that are just a short drive away. 

   Nature’s Corner Market, which is right down the street from Etowah, is just one of the many local healthy options to choose from. It includes a bakery, café, and a juice bar. The café is dedicated to being gluten free and uses clean, organic, and natural ingredients. Organic guarantees that food is non-GMO, free of antibiotics, growth hormones, synthetic pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers, municipal sewage sludge, and genetic engineering. A variety of options are offered for all three meals of the day, including paninis, pizzas, salads, vegan soups, and so many mororganic options. To go along with the meal, customers can enjoy a gluten free, vegan smoothie from the juice bar. If one wishes to top everything off with dessert, including an extensive bakery full of gluten free treats including almond butter cookies, grain-free muffins, avocado mousse pie, vegan cheesecake and cupcakes, and energy-boosting raw protein bites. Nature’s Corner Market is one of the healthiest dining options in Towne Lake. 

   Though a little farther away from Towne Lake, health food gurus should also check out Upbeet in West Midtown. Upbeet opened in 2017 with a mission to serve clean, healthy foods without compromising nutrition for convenience. Upbeet is all about “good vibes only,” so it only serves clean, whole food with no chemicals or heavy processing. Upbeet has options for everyone, such as customizable salads and grain bowls with homemade dressings and clean oils like algae, avocado, hemp seed, and olive. Additionally, Upbeet serves organic smoothie bowls, yogurt bowls, superfood lattes, and toast.  

   Lastly, Upbeet is passionate about humane animal treatment and environmental sustainability. It refuses to buy meat from any farmers that do not raise their animals responsibly and is a zero-waste company. Upbeet composts and recycles nearly everything, have installed LED lighting, water-efficient toilets, water faucets, and restroom fixtures, and use 100% compostable cups and to-go packaging, meaning the packages will disintegrate in the environment in about 90 days without leaving toxicity in the soilUpbeet is a great healthy treat. 

   Another pit stop in Atlanta is Flower Child. This restaurant has a simple, soul-satisfying menu that spreads positive, healthy vibes throughout Atlanta. Flower Child makes every item from scratch, using farm-fresh, locally grown ingredients to prepare tasty bowls, grains, greens, and fresh squeezed flavored lemonades. There is something for everyone at Flower Child, whether someone is vegan, gluten-free, or simply just hungry. 

   Healthy food is a must-have, so try out these hip restaurants to explore many new nutritional food options.