How to host the best Friendsgiving

Gather your friends and your favorite Thanksgiving foods because it is that time of year again. Friendsgiving is a time where friends can come together to celebrate their friendships and time with one another.

“This is my second year hosting Friendsgiving, and I love it. We always have so much fun, and everyone brings really good food,” Erin Whalen, junior, said. 

The best part about having a Friendsgiving is coming up with an exciting menu with your friends, and of course, no family drama. The host usually provides a house, a place to eat, and the turkey. To host the best dinner, everyone can bring in different foods, as long as there is enough to go around. Decorations are optional but encouraged.

“[I want to] make sure there is enough food and that everyone is having a good time with no drama,” Libby Reach, sophomore, said. 

You can also play games to spice up the holiday dinner. Fun games to play before or after the meal may include: Twister, Catch Phrase, or Charades. 

“I started hosting my freshman year, and I have done it every year since. Everyone brings a side dish or dessert and my mom cooks the turkey. The last one is coming up which is exciting but bittersweet,” Madison Silverman, senior, said. 

Nov. 28 is almost here, so if you have not held your Friendsgiving yet, get on it before it is too late. Whether it is gathering around a table at home or going out to eat to share your favorite traditional Thanksgiving sides and desserts, make the best of Friendsgiving 2019.