The secrets of a good principal


Everyone has reasons for choosing a certain career. Robert Horn, principal of Etowah High School, based his career path on his background, profession, and his opinions about various topics.  

Even though Horn has already made changes to the school regarding education, he believes it is best to continue to make more. As fields like auto mechanics and the arts continue to grow, Horn believes he should increase the chance for students to learn more about those fields. 

“I would like to see the state give schools more CTAE [Career, Technical, and Agriculture Education] allotments,” Horn said. 

Horn has gained teaching experience from other high schoolsincluding several in Cobb County. He takes what he learned from his previous jobs and uses it to decide how he wants to run Etowah. 

“Every school has its own culture, and every community has its own culture, and every school has its own set of needs,” Horn said. 

The faculty members play an important role when helping a school grow. Horn believes that the teachers best fit for the position should have a certain type of personality. When interviewing them, Horn makes sure that the teachers are genuinely willing to help out the majority of students who want to learn. 

“I want them to relate to students, and I want them to be in the business because they care,” Horn said. 

Horn has incorporated what he has learned in his past experiences working for other schools into Etowah. His past jobs and personal opinions have contributed to the way Etowah is currently being managed. As a result, many feel that Horn has changed the school for the better.