Hindsight is 2020


It is the year 2020. Senior projects are completed. You have never been more sleep-deprived in your life. It is time for that moment you have been waiting for ever since you were sitting in that honors math class just wanting to be done.

“Etowah is truly an amazing place with so many opportunities for involvement, fun, and growth, and I will definitely miss it as I move on to the next chapter of my life,” Rachel Hugenberg, senior, said.

Seniors, you only have so many days left. Live it up. There are many opportunities to make this year a year to remember. Dressing up for spirit days, attending sports events, and trying out new places around Towne Lake are all moments that you will remember for the rest of your life.

“I am planning on making [this year] the best by making memories with my friends that we will have for a lifetime, things such as football games, homecoming, and prom. Just to get everyone together and get rowdy for Etowah one last time together before we split off into our lives and careers,” Zack Nunez, senior, said.

Take in what you have learned over the past four years. Thank your teachers and your parents for all the time they poured into you and for raising you into the person you are today. Use all the information and life lessons you were taught after graduation.

“I’ll use the lesson to enjoy every moment of life because time flies by. In the next chapter of my life, I will enjoy each moment of college and continue to work hard because it pays off,” Amelia Neuhoff, senior, said.

Senioritis may be settling in, so push through your last year of easy tedious school assignments before reaching those tough college classes. Work hard, but enjoy your last year even more. Do not forget about all the fun times high school brought you, and the people who have influenced your life forever.