Avengers: Infinity War review


Garrett Estes, Editor

  Avengers: Infinity War is a great film.  If you can call it a film.  To the traditional moviegoer, Infinity War may seem like a mess of a film with too much action, too many characters, and too little plot and character development.  However, it is not so much a film itself as it is the climax of eighteen other films over the span of ten years. With that in mind, Avengers: Infinity War works.

  The film is not about all of these characters growing because they have already been developed over the course of the past eighteen films.  Yet, the character who is developed most, Thanos, ends up being one the most sympathetic and compelling villains in the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe; up there with the likes of Killmonger, Vulture, and Ego.  Josh Brolin gives a chilling performance as the mad titan, with his goal of ending half of all life in the universe. The motion capture for him is incredible allowing for the completely computer-generated villain to look almost as realistic as the actors on screen with him.

  Brolin is not the only standout performance.  Chris Hemsworth’s Thor easily has the second most screen time, and keeps his personality from Thor: Ragnarok, even with the much different tone of this film.  In fact, there is not a bad performance in the whole movie.

  The interaction between these characters, either reuniting or meeting for the first time are some of the best parts of the movie whether it is Thor and the Guardians, Iron Man and Doctor Strange, or Captain America and Bucky meeting again.  Most of these encounters led to some pretty funny results. However, even with all the jokes in this movie, it still has the darkest tone of any Marvel movie. Thanos poses an actual threat, even with the large cast of heroes he is fighting.  And with the deaths of several fan favorite characters, it is clear that nobody is truly safe in this movie.

  With all that being said, no film is perfect.  While Thanos and most other special effects in the film look great, there are a few that look like you are watching the cut scene to a playstation 3 game.  Most notably, Proxima Midnight’s motion capture looks off, which is especially noticeable when she is sharing the screen with real actors. There is also a brief scene near the end involving the Hulk Buster that looks like the special effects team poorly photoshopped Mark Ruffalo’s into the armor.  However, these are not in the film enough for it to make a difference.

  With everything in mind, Avengers: Infinity War is a fantastic spectacle and celebration of the past ten years of Marvel movies leading up to this.  Any fan of superhero movies, and everyone who has been watching and loving these movies will enjoy this Infinity War.