Bald, bold and a whole lotta’ money

Teresa Chan

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  In the past year, over one million people have been diagnosed with some form of cancer. Out of those, half have died. With the number of cancer patients increasing each year, the number of deaths due to cancer are following that same trend.

  As the tradition continues, the Etowah and Woodstock community come together to highlight the event of “Bald, Bold and Beautiful” and to donate money for cancer research.

  Sam Wysocki has taken over the event as his senior project. Being a cancer survivor himself, he jumped at the opportunity to assist local families going through something he could relate to.

  “Bald, Bold and Beautiful could help facilitate the same community support that my family appreciated so much when I was sick,” Wysocki, said.

  Prior to the event, which is held during halftime at the Etowah vs. Woodstock basketball game, students volunteer to shave their heads in support of the cause. The student body then vote on which volunteer they want to see his or her head shaved.

  “It is always funny to see the faces of the students on juggs and how much money is in each of them,” Pilar Lewis, senior, said.

  Melanie Coulter, senior and Etowah’s top vote getter, was more than thrilled to shave her head for a great cause.

  “I always wanted to shave my head, but when it came to doing it for Bald, Bold and Beautiful, I knew it was the chance to do it for a good reason,” Coulter, said.

  From the event, Wysocki raised over $7000 to help cancer patients and their families.     

“I am really happy about the turnout of the game, and luckily although the weather pushed it back two weeks, everyone involved could still make the event a success on the new date,” Wysocki, said.                           

Not only was it a successful senior project, but the Etowah Varsity boys’ team beat Woodstock 54-50 in an exciting  game that kept the crowd on its feet.