Georgia’s supernatural scares


Sweaty palms. Hands gripping the person in front of you. Thumping heartbeat. Eyes screwed shut, stumbling along the dark twisty path in the haunted house. Every corner holds a new scare; pictures falling, creepy men with chainsaws, and lots of screaming. If you are looking for the best bang for your buck, here are the top five haunted houses near Woodstock that are sure to give you goosebumps. 

Number Five: Netherworld. This scare focuses on special effects makeup to really bring the wow factor to this haunted attraction. They have escape rooms, where you must find a way out before the actors get to you, which really brings the adrenaline of having to break out and save your life. If you are looking for a place that really messes with your mind, Netherworld will not disappoint. 

Number Four: Folklore Haunted House. Folklore is a great haunted attraction to go to that brings the thrills. There are two different houses to choose from; a Victorian theme and a psychological theme, both designed to mess with your head. There is also another attraction that has no scares for younger children. If you are looking for some pre-game before the journey through the haunted house of your choice, there is also a simulation burial called “The Last Ride” that allows you to experience being buried alive.  

Number Three: Fright Fest. Although it is a subtler scare than going to an actual haunted house, Six Flags does a great job of adding the shock factor to its parks during the spookiest month of the season. This attraction technically is not a haunted house, but it is still a great adventure for all ages. Fright Fest allows people to walk around and enjoy the rollercoasters and theme park at night while also bringing in actors to give you the creeps. Clowns, demons, and aliens of all sizes roam the park. There is time for fun and scares at Fright Fest, and during this event the screams do not come from just the rollercoasters. 

Number Two: 13 Stories. This haunted house has many different options for people looking for new scares. 13 Stories has three different haunted attractions and its additional extreme haunt called “Sacrifice,” which is so terrifying it requires a waiver. The “Clown Town” attraction will have you avoiding the circus at all costs, and the “Apocalypse Zombie Kill Experience” lets video game fans have an up-close-and-personal experience trying to take down zombies.  

Number One: Paranoia. There are two attractions for you to choose from: “Slaughter House” and “Experiment X.” If you are terrified of clowns, then Slaughter House is not for you. Experiment X has a theme that revolves around an operation gone awry, with people crawling and jumping out from literally anywhere. Both options have great actors and plenty of alarming moments to get even hardcore enthusiasts spooked. 

All of these haunted houses have some unique and special moments, and every scare is different. Some houses may be more terrifying than others, but all of the attractions mentioned provide the sought-after Halloween adrenaline rush that so many look for this time of year.