Captain Horn

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Ansley Melnick

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Captain Horn

The impact that Robert Horn’s teachers had on him is the reason he became the principal of Etowah High School. He now intends to leave that same impression on all of his students.  

Horn started as a social studies teacher, moved to P.E., then was the assistant principal at Hillgrove High School in Cobb County. 

“I could change schools for that variety. I could change subjects for that variety. I could change subject areas for that variety. I could change my role,” Horn explained.   

Horn wanted a job with variety, so he was not doing the same thing every day. Being a principal, there are always new situations to deal with, which is why he loves his job. 

“The community, the parents, and the students have made the transition easier,” Horn said. 

The school year is off to a great start, Horn does not believe it has anything to do with him, though. He is simply guiding the school. 

“I am just the captain of the ship,” Horn said. 

When he arrived at Etowah, Horn made a few changes, including the implement of cross campus release (CCR). His reasoning behind CCR was that he felt that students needed more specific guidelines to prepare us for the real world 

“When I came to visit the school, it seemed like kids had no idea what time they were supposed to be in class” Horn stated. 

He has always planned to be an instructional leader first, which he admits is probably very different from a lot of principals. He always wants to make sure that students are getting a proper education, being prepared for the real world, and are safe at all times. 

“There’s two things we better do, keep them safe and get them educated,” Horn said. 

Horn is still adjusting to life on Eagle Mountain, but hopes that all will go well as he guides Etowah High School to great achievements.