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Madeline Fisher

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May 13, 2019
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The Geeks

Center stage. Microphone in one hand, determination in the other. He adjusts his pinwheel hat, tugging at the collar of his Batman shirt. It is said that the life of a rock star has its ups and downs, but for the Geeks, a local cover band, they only go up. 

“The best part for me is getting that immediate feedback from the audience,” Randy Casquejo, lead singer, said. 

Originally the “Box Office Rockstar,” former bass player, Mike Cono, suggested the name change to “The Geeks.” The musicians dress in elaborate outfits consisting of pinwheel hats, funky striped shorts, various superhero shirts, and their staple, the geek glasses. Every show, Casquejo engages with his audience by passing out “geek glass,” black-rimmed glasses with tape in the middle. 

“As lead singer, it’s important that I engage the crowd as much as possible, and the best way for me to know I’m doing a good job is to see and hear the crowd’s response. Feels good to see everyone having a good time,” Casquejo said. 

With Casquejo on lead vocals, accompanying him on stage is keyboardist Tristan Brown; lead guitarist, Bo Belaski;  and bass guitarist, Mike Tetrick.  Keeping the band on beat is drummer Randy Sharp. 

“I used to be embarrassed of it, especially in middle school when he would tell other parents and teachers about his band, but now I’ve realized how cool and unique it is and embrace it. I’ve even started bringing my friends to his gigs,” McKenna Casquejo, Etowah junior, said. 

Pony League opened for The Geeks at their Woodstock performance earlier this month.  

“The crowd that was there seemed to enjoy the show. There were even people who saw us earlier in the day at the previous show at SunTrust Park and traveled up to Woodstock to see us there, too,” Casquejo said. 

Every member has a busy schedule outside of the band. The group meets only three to four times a year to practice new material. 

“With our busy schedules, it’s a challenge to get together for rehearsal, but we play often enough that we don’t necessarily need to rehearse,” Casquejo said. 

The Geeks have quite a following. Their dedicated fans book them for weddings, graduation parties, and even corporate events. 

“It was a great experience, and I loved dancing around with all my friends and just having a good time,” Rylee Brown, junior, said. 

If you are interested in having The Geeks play somewhere near you, check out their website:, or reach out to them over Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram at thegeeksband. 

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