Saving planet Earth


Earth Day, which is celebrated on April 22 each year, was established to spread awareness on climate change and what people can do to help. Over the years, scientists have proposed ideas and solutions to promote awareness of how natural and human activities are affecting the Earth.  

“Earth Day is the idea of making people more aware of what is going on around them and what programs are out there that help the idea. I think it is a unique thing because we do need to let people know about the opportunities that are available so they can contribute and help. Saving the Earth is not just for politics or the rich, it is for everybody, and we need to learn how we can help,” Lara McDonald, Environmental Science teacher, said.  

One method that helps protect the environment is sustainable shopping. This practice involves people minimizing the number of products they buy in their typical purchases. People can shop strategically for clothes through a variety of ways, such as thrifting. They can also practice sustainability with the type of food they choose to eat. Eating more poultry and vegetables rather than red meat, such as beef, helps reduce the release of methane into the atmosphere. To learn more about sustainable shopping practices, visit here. 

“Changing behaviors at scale is extremely difficult, and consumers often need help to move from intention to action. With consumers accepting more accountability for their choices across the end-to-end value chain, there is an opportunity, if not an expectation, for fashion brands to step up and inspire, empower and nudge consumers to make more sustainable choices,” Scott Clarke, Vice President at digital consultancy Publicis Sapient, said. 

Communities can participate in environmental sanitation practices like designating a day to clean up their neighborhood. African societies and other nations around the world have already adopted this clean up custom. 

“I know of a few developing countries who adopt sanitation practices because I grew up in one. We would go out every Saturday to clean the gutters and sweep the yard. In this little way we contributed to the fight for a safer environment, and I believed it was something good,” Okikiade Aiyeola, freshman, said. 

Simple things⁠—such as turning off lights when they are not in use, using less water while brushing teeth and bathing, and disposing of trash after use⁠—will also help keep the environment safe. Another small change one can make is carpooling to reduce carbon emissions. 

“I try to be conscientious about my actions and how they impact the environment, so I walk or carpool to places that are close by, and I try to spread awareness about Earth Day by talking to people,” Lilian Derenthal, senior, said. 

Ensuring that one buys recyclable products at the store will also aid in reducing the damaging effects of pollution. While purchasing these items will help, it will do no good if they are not properly recycled. Recycling contributes to the reduction of pollution, and it promotes reuse.  

“The little things are most often overlooked, and I think this is the reason why we are taught in school to reuse and recycle.  I believe it is important to keep the idea of recycling close to heart because it helps to reduce landfilling that causes pollution,” Ashely West, sophomore, said. 

These practices are most effective when taught in schools, and communities need to prioritize spreading awareness. Click here to learn more ways on how to help keep the Earth safe.