Alabama manhunt comes to an end


On May 9, the story that gripped the nation came to an end when authorities captured Casey White, an Alabama prisoner who was serving 75 years for attempted murder, and Vicky White (not related to Casey White), an Alabama corrections officer, after an 11- day multi-state manhunt.  

The manhunt began on April 29, when Vicky White helped Casey White escape from jail after telling her coworkers that she was taking him to court for a mental health evaluation. However, this was against protocol, as two or more deputies are required to accompany inmates. Vicky and Casey reportedly had a “special relationship” while he was in prison, which involved extra food and attention, and they are believed to have had a romantic relationship during their escape.  

“[Vicky White] had phoned the inmate numerous times in prison and had been in a “special relationship” with him for nearly two years before the pair vanished,” a New York Post article said. 

During their escape, Vicky and Casey used several different cars, one being abandoned in a car wash in Evansville, Indiana, which ultimately led to their capture. The owner of the car wash notified the authorities after he saw surveillance camera footage showing Casey White leaving the vehicle and getting into a Cadillac. This helped them capture the fugitives, as officers were searching the area for the car and finally found it in a Motel 41 parking lot.  

“I am really glad that the car wash owner sent the surveillance video footage to the police because if he had not, they [Vicky White and Casey White] might still be on the loose,” Emily Light, junior, said.  

Authorities started following the pair after seeing Vicky leaving the hotel and getting in the Cadillac wearing a wig with Casey at the wheel. A car chase ensued and ended when a law enforcement official crashed the vehicle into a ditch. Authorities captured Casey, but Vicky was trapped in the car with a gunshot wound to the head, which was later ruled a suicide. Casey has been transported back to Alabama and is charged with first-degree escape.  

“At the arraignment [formal reading of a criminal charging], Judge Ben Graves told White he will be charged with escape in the first degree, in addition to capital murder charges he was already facing related to the 2015 stabbing death of Alabama resident Connie Ridgeway,” a CNN article said.  

Although the manhunt has come to an end, many questions remain unanswered about what happened during those 11 days.