Heartstopper: Gen Z’s favorite rom-com

Heartstopper: Gen Zs favorite rom-com

“Heartstopper,” a new Netflix show, is making waves across Etowah’s student body, as many are excited about the uplifting LGBTQ+ representation presented in the series. 

The show was adapted from the comic book series of the same title, and it follows the story of two British teenagers during their high school careers: Charlie, an openly gay overthinker, and Nick, a popular rugby player confused about his sexuality. As the school year progresses, the two become closer and are suddenly faced with challenges from their peers.  

“[‘Heartstopper’] provides a more positive interpretation of queer romance than any other available queer media. Many times, queer media is a sad sob story about one of them dying or them not being able to be together, but Heartstopper lets them [the main characters] be happy. (…) having this representation from the book is so important to young queer kids,” Ryan Kennedy, senior, said. 

Released in late April of 2022, “Heartstopper” has spiked in popularity across the world. Many Etowah students support the show’s purpose of bringing light to the many issues and resistance LGBTQ+ youth face today. The show affirms the feelings of young people watching who are in similar situations to the main characters and are unsure about speaking the truth.   

“[The show] emphasized the importance of representing the LGBTQ+ community. Adolescents growing up need this representation because, just like in the show, Nick (the main character) was confused [about his sexuality], and having this open relationship is a way to better help someone who is confused,” Julianna Delatorriente, junior, said. 

Because the show contains only eight episodes, many are enthusiastic about its upcoming season which is said to be released around mid-May of next year. However, Netflix has not come out with a set release date. 

“I enjoy the series ‘Heartstopper’ because it brings awareness to bisexuality in youth, specifically through the main character Nick, and it is something that I am able to relate to,” Stephanie Garcia, senior, said. 

Be sure to watch “Heartstopper” on Netflix, and stay tuned for more updates.