“LIT” books


Many students often find reading novels a chore and struggle when completing their book-based assignments. Despite this, most readers have favorite stories that were assigned in their literature classes at Etowah. After looking at responses on Instagram, it was determined that the most popular books were “The Kite Runner”, “The Book Thief”, and “Of Mice and Men”. 

Khaled Hosseini’s novel, “The Kite Runner”is a story that revolves around a young boy and his friend as they are growing up in Afghanistan. When Amir, the main character, makes a terrible mistake, it follows him for the rest of his life; however, as the novel continues, he begins to find his place in the world. 

“I liked “The Kite Runner” because it dealt with tough topics and used them to really bring out emotion,” James Walker, junior, said. 

Markus Zusak is the author of “The Book Thief”another favorite among Etowah readers. This historical fiction novel shares the story of Liesel, a little girl taken to a new home because her mother was unable to take care of her. The book takes place in Germany during World War II, and picks up when the family disobeys the law and takes in a Jew. Despite reading being forbidden, Liesel learns to read at her new home and falls in love with books.  

“I liked the book because amidst the sad story of Germany in World War II, is a sweet story of compassion and kindness,” Taylor McDonald, senior, said. 

In the novel, “Of Mice and Men”author John Steinback wrote the story of two best friends, George and Lennie, as they search for jobs during the Great Depression. They are soon offered an opportunity that could change their lives. The men dream of buying a farm, but Lennie cannot stay out of trouble, and George does not have the heart to leave him behind. 

“The author does a good job at telling a story of two people trying to make the best of what they can despite the challenges they both face. It definitely has one of the saddest endings in my opinion, but it is still a great read,” Leilani Argueta, junior, said. 

Whether one enjoys these classics or Spark Notes their way through assignments, books are a way to enhance one’s learning experience in high school.