Equality in the economy

As the “Black Lives Matter” revolution keeps pushing for equality, Black businesses continue to rely on strong community support to help their companies stay open and thriving.  Black businesses benefit from any means of encouragement, as they are less likely to survive in America’s harsh economy. 

Supporting Blackowned businesses help[s] the communities surrounding them, and gives recognition to companies that may [not] be as mainstream as others, Sarah Oburu, senior, said. 

When craving a hot brunch or a refreshing drink, FresqÓ Fresh offers a wide selection of sandwiches, bubble teas, smoothies, and bowls to its hungry customers.  They also serve a variety of clients, offering vegetarian, vegan, and non-dairy options.  In addition, the menu promotes healthy eating and allows those in a hurry to stop by and grab a quick meal to satisfy their hunger.  

In an age where there are plenty of unhealthy fast-food options, we decided we wanted to create an option where people could get fresh food fast, FresqÓ Fresh said on its website. 

Cupcakes and sweet treats line the shelves of In My Fillings bakery, providing customers the opportunity to customize their own desserts.  Charlise Johnson, owner of the shop, wants to give clients an assortment of options when it comes to satisfying their sweet tooth cravings. 

My main goal as a business owner is to provide a product and service that others enjoy. I love the opportunity to be able to provide something that brings joy to others whether it’s for a celebration or just an everyday treat,” Johnson said.  

Crab and seafood tend to be difficult to find, often hit or miss food choices in the everyday supermarkets, but at Infusion Crab ATLthe menu is packed with fresh fish and southern sides.  Customers can stop by for meals, order online with delivery, or request party catering with no size limit. Owner Kimberly Knox and her family together dedicated their time to building, supporting, and growing their business to combine their love of the kitchen and food. 

The soul of my business is our customers; Our customers are the reason we are here (…) Supporting and understanding someone with the same background, when you support your own, [is] supporting Black pride. You are supporting every hurt, every struggle, and every pain that our ancestors had to endure,” Knox said.  

Just as her fairy godmother helped Cinderella live out her dreams, Simone Gipson, owner of The Furry Godmother, has a goal to transform any dog into charming pet of every owner’s fairy tale. With a quick call for an appointment, the mobile business delivers an in-home service that makes it easy for companion animals to get a refreshing bath, grooming, and haircut. Gipson’s love of pets shows in her work as she dedicates herself to beautifying the dogs of Georgia. 

My main goal is to provide the best services that I can and to build a platform that will inspire other Black individuals that if you work hard enough and set goals, you will be able to have your own business, provide income for yourself, and can even build generational wealth to pass down to your family members, Gipson said. 

Black lives have always mattered, but their businesses continue to struggle to be successful. These brands persist in their work while still being less profitableA strong community not only strengthens their likelihood of leading an acclaimed company but pushes society another step towards economic equality. 

A link to other Blackowned businesses to support