Towne Lake presses play on movies and gym


As Towne Lake businesses open back up to their new normal a few spaces have remained in question. Students have opposing beliefs on how comfortable they are in these re-opening public spaces. 

“I’d feel comfortable going anywhere at this point; to me, you just have to have a survival of the fittest mindset, and you shall be fine,” Nolan Silverman, senior, said.  

Gyms and movie theaters, which were closed as a result of COVID-19 precautions, have begun opening back up. These spaces, where customers traditionally are in close contact, have new procedures to prevent the spread of the virus.  

At LA Fitness on Towne Lake Parkway, a popular gym among students, new rules and regulations include increased sanitation. 

Half of our equipment is closed to promote social distancing; there are cleaning stations every 20 feet, and masks are required on the gym floor,” Emma Bussey, senior who works at LA Fitness, said. 

These new rules are making the spaces in the gym safer for gym-goers and staff alike. Similar to LA Fitness, the Cherokee 16 Cinema is requiring social distancing during movies to keep visitors safe. 

As Towne Lake businesses re-open, Etowah students are returning to a somewhat normal schedule of social and self-care activities.  

Since LA is cleaning so much and lots of people wear masks, it is probably very safe,” Sofia Pepin, sophomore, said. 

For updates on LA Fitness and Cherokee 16 visit their websites.