Find the best of times in the worst of times



With the current circumstances in the world, many are bored with nothing to do other than digital learning, let alone the long summer ahead since school is ending early, on May 8th. With an abundant amount of time and not much to fill it with, many social media influencers are promoting the idea of bettering one’s self during this time such as getting fit, learning a new language, and giving support to others who may need a little extra love during these difficult times, staying safe while improving the mind, body, and soul.

“I am trying to improve myself and my goals, if I cannot do that, then the problem was my self-discipline,” Frank Beltran, senior, said.

Many students are using this unexpected free time to achieve discarded New Year’s resolutions like getting fit. Athletes are getting creative, by lifting household items like books, chairs, and even children in their sheltering-in-place workout sessions.  Along with the free time to improve one’s athletics, many are focusing on what they eat.  With this extra time, people are learning to cook homemade meals choosing healthy options over more convenient ones like frozen meals or fast food.

“During quarantine, to keep myself fit, I have gone out to run and walk around my neighborhood, and I have also done workouts in my house. . . along with making more home cooked meals,” Anthony Berberi, junior, said.

One way students are spending their time is by learning new skills such as a foreign language, skateboarding, knitting, and cooking. Typically, people are too busy to learn new skills, but learning something new will make people more well-rounded, and the new hobbies will be a bonus when the quarantine is lifted, and students can leave their homes. 

“Over quarantine,I haven’t been doing anything productive until I watched a YouTube video in Korean. Seeing the different characters and the different language intrigued me, so I started to learn it, and I have kept at it,” Bryanna Cali, sophomore, said. 

Though many see this time away from school and work as a break, others see this as a time of tragedy due to unemployment and devastation. The silver lining is the ability for people to spend time connecting with their families. 

“I have been enjoying time with my family to a certain extent. After a while, it can get somewhat tedious, but my family and I are supporting each other and learning how to cope with our new daily routine,” Alicia Isenberg, freshman, said.

As the shelter in place restrictions continue, students are figuring out how to make the best of times, learning new skills, helping others, and becoming healthier.