Shooting for a good season


Soccer season has officially returned to Etowah. Players laced up their cleats, pumped up their soccer balls and stretched their legs for soccer tryouts hosted on Jan. 13 through Jan. 15, and the season started immediately after.

“My expectations for this upcoming season are for us to compete with any opponent we come across. We are very young this year with only two seniors. I expect our team will bring new positive and energetic energy that will help us step up and compete, “Lindsey Alexander, girls’ varsity coach, said.

With the loss of many seniors last season, coaches looked to fill those spots with players who can give them another season full of wins. The returning players are motivated to continue their success.

“Since last year, we had 13 seniors leave, and it has been challenging to get used to basically a whole new team… everyone is super excited and fresh for the season,“ Abby Higgs, junior, said.

This season the varsity team will be working most on team spirit and cohesion. Teamwork is key for all teams to succeed, so players will be practicing their techniques to solidify trust in their teammates and rely on their abilities.

“I am excited to practice and work on my techniques and moves this season; knowing cool moves is an effective way to keep the [soccer] ball in a game,” Makanga Iruku, sophomore, said. 

This is only the beginning of the soccer season, with players’ expectations high but achievable. The schedule for both the boys’ and girls’ varsity team can be found here along with times and locations of the games.