Against the universe


The universe is vast and often described as beautiful. Many are left to wonder what lies beyond the Milky Way. The night sky fills with stars that are light years away when the sun goes down. One thing that is not light years away is this year’s winter guard show entitled “Infinite Beauty.”

“I feel like the show really portrays infinite beauty in its work and song. It shows you can be wounded but be beautiful at the same time,” Alyce Boucher, freshman, said.

This year, the Etowah A-guard’s show is performed to “The Universe” by Gregory Alan Isakov. The song is about a girl who only sees all of her hardships and bruises while the singer is reassuring her that she is beautiful despite her flaws because her beauty is infinite. 

“Since it was our first performance of the season, I was a bit nervous before going on the floor, but due to new techniques, I felt more confident in my performance as with many others,” Meagan Nocheherly, sophomore, said.

The guard debuted the new show at their first competition on Jan. 25 at Kennesaw Mountain High School. Etowah placed sixth out of 15 other schools and just missed a top five finish by less than one point.

“It was a great competition, and we are off to a very strong start. I’m excited to see where this season takes us,” Elizabeth Scheck, junior, said.

This year, the guard plans on performing more challenging choreography than years prior in hopes of placing at the Southern Association of Performing Arts (SAPA) Championships in March. The guard will be performing at area high schools, so come out and support them. Their next home performance will be at Etowah on Mar. 21.