Leaping into the new season

Step back and watch out for the newest sport at Etowah. After being a club for three years, the Dancing Eagles are now considered a sport and are coming in hot for their new season. 

“This season, I am most excited to dance with people I have never met before and makmore friendships throughout the season,” Livy Sells, sophomore, said. 

This season has brought many new opportunities to the Dancing Eagles team. They are the most recent addition to Etowah’s sports teams, and this year the squad is incorporating new styles of dance, upgrading uniforms, entering into competitions, and gaining many new members. 

The new changes give us a chance to letter through the Athletic Department and give us more opportunities to feel like a team,” Tessa Liles, junior, said. 

Head coach Brittany Chandler danced from age five until college giving her past experience in the sport. She trained in ballet, jazz, contemporary, and tap, and competed for four years on her school’s varsity dance team. She has incorporated her love for dance into her job by volunteering to take charge of this team on the side. This is her third-year coaching the dance team for Etowah and her fifth year coaching a dance team.  

I am most excited about adding more competitions, growing the size of the team, and competing in two separate categories this year,” Chandler said. 

This season, Chandler decided to add on a pom routine to introduce the team into a more competitive style in dance. This routine also includes cheerleaders from the school because of the sharp and “cheerleading style” this dance portrays to the audience. 

I love this style because it is super upbeat, fun, and gets the crowd hyped up,” Chandler said. 

One of the major challenges for the new team includes performing at three competitions instead of one, like in past years. The team has been more serious about practices and is excited to get the competition season started. 

“This year we are competing at three competitions, so that will be more challenging but also a fun experience,” Madeline Fiscarelli, senior, said. 

Their first competition is on Dec. 14 at Forsyth Central High School. Make sure to support the Dancing Eagles of Etowah at pep rallies, half-time at basketball games, and at all of their competitions.