Branding for success

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Branding for success

Ila Prabhuram, Reporter

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Your name is a brand. 

Etowah High School Principal, Robert Horn, makes sure to emphasize that phrase to his students and staff members. 

“My name’s brand could mean different things to different people. I hope it would mean consistency, fairness, and that I care. There are different ways of caring,” Horn said. 

Everyone has his or her own brand. When people think of someone or something, they automatically associate it with something positive or negative. 

Etowah’s brand means multiple things to many people. To some, it channels a supportive environment, with a supportive staff and students. To others, it displays a place of high expectations. To many, it means respect and hard work, something Etowah places much importance on. 

“I value consistency in policies, and I value the community and how supportive the parents are,” Horn said. 

While acknowledging that some policies he sets for students at Etowah are tough, Horn said he wants to hammer them hard, so those students can learn the rules properly. Horn came into Etowah High School with high expectations not only for the students, but for the staff and faculty, as well. 

“When I first became the principal, I was more excited than anything else. It’s about using all of the experiences you’ve had, taking the good things from those experiences, and applying it.” Horn said.  

Horn spends a lot of time helping students. This year, he is focusing on Etowah’s graduation rate. Last year, the graduation rate was 87.5%, and he hopes to gradually increase it. 

“I want my students to look closely to everything around them and look for things with substance. You need to list your priorities. Work smart, not hard,” Horn said. 

While Horn guides Etowah, students are continuously working to brand for success.