Summer days on a budget


Sunny skies, no alarms, and pool days are common summer indicators. With the school year coming quickly to an end, many students are beginning to plan out how they will spend the summer of 2023. 

With summer on the cusp, Lake Allatoona is a great place to cool off, as it provides people a relaxing place to hang out with friends. They can bring lunch to have a picnic while also swimming, tubing, boating, and more. Lake access is cheap, with only a five dollar fee to park while also being close in distance to Etowah, making it accessible to many students. 

“Lake Allatoona is a great summer spot, it is a relatively clean lake with so many fun things to do, as in, swimming, boating, going to the beach, and more. I love to go to Lake Allatoona over the summer with my friends and family,” McConaughey Matheson, junior, said. 

For more of an adrenaline-fueled activity, students can attend Six Flags or White Water. Even though these cost more than going to the lake, one can spend the day riding rollercoasters, water slides, and laughing with friends. Six Flags may be a less favorable option with the summer heat, but it makes for an entertaining day while doing an activity that is different than the usual. White Water might be a better choice for the hotter days, as students can experience a lot of the same rollercoaster type rides whilst being splashed. 

“[Six Flags and White Water] are fun activities to do with friends or family. You can spend the whole day there, too,” Jarrod Dobson, sophomore, said. 

A classic but fun option would be the pool. Whether it be at a neighborhood or at someone’s house, many people can spend the whole day at the pool with friends or family. This gives students the opportunity to swim, tan, and enjoy each others’ presence with little to no cost, making this a more preferred option. 

“The pool is such a favorable option for a summer activity. Being able to enjoy the sun and water with your friends is always something that will keep the fun going,” Alyssa O’Keefe, senior, said. 

Amusement parks, lakes, and pools are great ideas when looking at a location to spend a hot summer day at while keeping it at a favorable price limit. Students have many options to spend their break, and not every summer has to to be about vacations. This summer, students can choose to spend the day relaxing or  having adrenaline-fueled fun all near their communities.