The concert survival kit


Springtime: the ideal season to get out and participate in activities that the winter does not usually allow. One of those things, for example, would be concerts. This spring and summer, over 1,000 concerts will be held in Georgia, with performances from popular artists like Taylor Swift, to jazz music festivals or rock cover bands. Music of all forms will likely be a popular activity for the coming seasons.  

“I love the environment [concerts] create. It brings together a community of people who are all there enjoy the same thing and have a good time,” Sydney Tanner, senior, said. 

Despite concerts being common events, there are still many things to be aware of when planning to attend them. CNBC’s study showed that 12 percent of people in the U.S. who bought concert tickets online were just getting scammed. It is recommended to get tickets ahead of time during a pre-sale, when one is less likely to get scammed and the tickets are still as low as $89. If one is unable to buy tickets before a pre-sale ends, websites like StubHub, live nation, and seated are artist and fan-trusted platforms when purchasing a new or resale ticket.  

“I always go directly to the artist pre-sale. I like to have my tickets early in advance because it also takes away the panic of getting one on time, it is way cheaper than getting it a month before the concert,” Grace Lancaster, sophomore, said.  

After securing a ticket, students can begin planning with a group of friends to attend the event with. Concerts themselves can be a crowded and sometimes pushy experience and it is important to become familiar with the surroundings. Experts recommend looking up venues beforehand and for places around the location that would best suit a group meet up or crisis spot. 

“Every crowd has an energy, and crowds that are dangerous or recognizable if you are paying attention,” Patti Wood, body language expert, said. 

Despite there being many things to be aware of, concerts are commonly seen as one of the best ways to have a memorable night with friends. For a list of upcoming shows in Georgia, one can visit this website