Lighting up the Towne


December is here. Snow is falling. Families huddle by the fire sipping warm drinks. However, winter is not just for relaxation; it is also for celebration. Cue the Christmas lights, as it is the holiday season. It is time to get out, experience the festivities, and enjoy the town’s decorations.  

Hobgood Park is typically known for its seasonal baseball games and its large playground set for kids to enjoy year-round; however, with Christmas approaching, it welcomed the return of its yearly wonderland of lights and extravagant decorations known as the Holiday Lights of Hope. If one is looking for a place to walk around and take in the Christmas magic, this is the place to go. Not only is it filled with colorful lights set up in various pictures, but Santa is there listening to children tell him their Christmas dreams. The event also serves hot chocolate and various other concessions and has tents designated for seasonal shopping. Buy tickets here for just 10 dollars, and the profits will be donated to Anna Crawford Children’s Center, a social service organization. Children under 14, however, get in for free. 

“I liked doing Holiday Lights because I think it is a very well put together event that raises a lot of money for a cause that may not be that well known about. The park is very well put together and run very efficiently, and the amount of funds they raise definitely make a difference,” Neal O’Connor, junior, said. 

To still take in the holiday’s grand light decorations but save money in the process, simply driving through neighborhoods and seeking out the most devoted houses is another fun way to enjoy Woodstock’s Christmas transformation. By staying inside the car, one can view the town’s cheer and travel all throughout the various decorated neighborhoods, all while staying warm. Though not every house is guaranteed to participate in the holiday festivities, those that do provide a wonderful, free experience for the cars that drive by.  

“It is so wonderful and amazing to be put in a winter wonderland straight from your car, and the comfort of the heater is super nice, especially in the cold weather,” Justin Davis, senior, said. 

If you are searching for more of a thrill this Christmas season, the Six Flags theme park sets up its Holiday Lights in the park to spread the cheer. Visitors can ride the traditional coasters while catching glimpses of the sparkling decorations they arrange all throughout the park. Santa Claus stops by during this event, as well, and guests can watch him in Six Flags’ Holiday Light Spectacular shows. While this celebration is more on the expensive side, it offers so many more amazing experiences; Six Flags also opens a Christmas menu, offering s’mores, hot chocolate, and various other seasonal foods. Purchase tickets here. 

“The Six Flags light show is awesome because there is lots of great music and lights, and it is fun to do with either your family or friends. Also, the Santa is cool,” Lily Riggins, freshman, said. 

The comfort of being inside a car, a guarantee that the lights will be extravagant, and holiday music ringing throughout the tour make a drive-through light show yet another option to take part in the celebration. On these tours, drivers can slowly make their way through long tunnels of lights while singing along to tunes the event may provide. While these also typically cost money, they are great for those who do not want to walk around in the cold or are simply there to look at decorations. Some places that offer this experience include Lights of Life at Life University, Holiday Lights at Veterans Park, and World of Illumination’s Reindeer Road at Six Flags White Water. 

“I thought the [White Water light show] was very fun! My family drove through the light show and turned the car radio to the station that synched up with the lights so that we could listen to Christmas music while going through the light show,” Abby Turner, senior, said. 

Choose just one or, no judgment, do it all; the Woodstock area is plentiful with Christmas extravaganzas, so enjoy the holiday season and all the glimmering lights however one’s heart desires.