The ‘Fine Line’ between touring and a new album


Approaching the end of his ‘Love on Tour’ and entering a new era of music, Harry Styles released a lead single for his new album entitled ‘Harry’s House’ coming out May 20. The song, named ‘As It Was,’ earned the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and is his second record to get the placement, with ‘Watermelon Sugar’ being his first. Styles is finishing up his world tour of his second album, ‘Fine Line,’ while simultaneously dropping new singles. 

Styles’s new album will include 13 tracks. He performed two of the new songs at the music festival Coachella. He sang the unreleased songs entitled ‘Boyfriends’ and ‘Late Night Talking’ and also performed with country star Shania Twain. Styles addressed the crowd, along with Twain, by stating the performance was very important to him because he grew up with Twain and thanking her for the memories he shared from her music. 

“Now I have to tell you, in the car with my mother as a child, this lady taught me to sing. She also taught me that men are trash, but to you, for the memories you gave me with my mother, I will be forever grateful,” Styles said here. 

This kicked off the ‘Harry’s House’ performances and was his first show with some of the songs. Fans are ecstatic for the album and have already bought some of the merchandise available. The majority of the products have sold out, so stay tuned for a restock. 

“I kept refreshing the page until it was released and once I had it in my cart and got line to buy it, I was super excited because there’s only a limited amount ever made,” Ansley Rippey, junior, said. 

Make sure to stream Styles’ new song, and prepare for all of the hits to follow May 20. For more information regarding his music, visit his website here.