Feeling’ 22


With graduation parties already being planned, seniors are having flashbacks to their first day of high school as they prepare for what will soon be their last day; the time has come for Etowah’s 2022 seniors to leave the nest.  

“While I am sad that high school is coming to an end, I am excited for my future endeavors. I will cherish all the memories I have made here at Etowah, but I know there are many more to be made in college and beyond,” Davis Newman, senior, said.  

Etowah seniors are soaking in their last few weeks of high school. While students felt that graduation could not come soon enough, it is now a reality. Reminiscing on the Friday night lights, to their first school dance, some find themselves ready to leave and start a new chapter as soon as possible. While others wish they could press a pause button.  

[Because I am] leaving high school, I am definitely going to be sad about leaving the people I grew up with, but I am excited to start my new life,” Alexa Thaggard, senior, said.  

Often, the senior class has the highest participation in spirit days and represents their school’s teams with pride. With this being the first normal year since COVID-19 hit two years ago, the class of 2022 was able to have their last football games, graduation, and no limit on the number of students who could attend dances. 

“I am going to miss going to football games with all my friends and getting ready before the games together. I will also miss spirit week [because it is] the best week of the year,” Brionna Condon, senior, said.  

Many seniors looked forward to prom more this year because the event was cancelled due to COVID- 19 in 2021. They finally got to have the excitement of dress shopping, taking pictures, and getting hair and makeup done to make the night one to remember.  

‘’I was excited to go to prom because it was something I have never experienced before. You always imagine what your senior prom night us going to be like and it was supe exciting to finally be able to go,” Annabeth Albertson, senior, said.  

Starting a new life in college can be uncertain, but it is also the next step for many. It is important to soak in all the little things, because soon enough, you will have a “when I was your age story” to tell younger generations.