Flipping out for the new season

Flipping out for the new season

The crowd’s roar was deafening along with the music; however, the athletes continued to move in sync across the stage, not missing a single beat in their routine. Girls soar through the air, and others flip from one end of the floor to the other. As the song finishes, the cheerleaders hit their final positions, making the audience scream even louder.  

On Wed., Jan. 12, “Cheer” season two debuted on Netflix, and unlike the documentary’s first release, which focused on just the Navarro Community College cheerleaders, it also featured the rival team competing against them at the Daytona Cheer Nationals, Trinity Valley Community College. The season followed the competitors’ journeys as they battled injuries, the COVID-19 pandemic, drama, and the public eye. Though this year’s debut was quite different from the last, it was just as exciting with never-ending twists and an inside look at the rivalry.   

“I thought this season showed the highs and lows of what being a competitive cheerleader is like, and I loved watching what goes on behind the performance,” Avery DiGirolamo, junior, said. 

This season featured multiple scandals and drama, and the Navarro Cheer Team especially struggled to maintain high spirits throughout. Previously the best-friend of the team and “America’s Sweetheart,” Jerry Harris was arrested and put on trial for the sexual assault and of grooming two young teenagers in the middle of the show, severely crushing the team. Along with this conflict, both teams suffered losses from COVID-19 with many of their members leaving or graduating; one Navarro teammate, LeDarious Clark, had struggled with head coach Monica Aldama during his time as a cheerleader and continuously tarnished her name across social media after quitting due to their relationship. Despite the drama, both teams were able to end with an inspiring season, showing off their fascinating talents and strength.  

“It was interesting to see Navarro’s team dynamic change this season as they dealt with all the fame/publicity coming from their previous win in the series debut. This season, their competitors, Trinity Valley, stepped up their game, and it was funny to see them steal Navarro’s choreographer and mimic their styles. Navarro definitely struggled with new coaches and members, but their teamwork was amazing,” Bella Ruddock, sophomore, said.  

Though cheer is typically not viewed as a legitimate sport and instead seen as girls smiling and dancing on the sidelines, the Netflix show gives an inside view into the difficulty of being on a team and the dedication behind it. With each member having to compete with one another to simply be in the routine, intense athleticism and strength are needed to find success in the sport. 

Following the extensive training and competitive season of a decorated college cheerleading squad, ‘Cheer’ is not only high-stakes but also heartwarming and packed with incredible stunts. It is also a fine look at the sport of competitive cheerleading, giving viewers insight into just how much athletes put into the sport and how taxing it is on the human body,” Savannah Pederson said in a CBR article 

While some may not enjoy all the drama and theatrics, if one is looking for a show of talent and competition, “Cheer” should be added to the watch list.