Party like it is 1980


Bulldog fans have finally had their long-awaited prayers answered. After 41 years, the University of Georgia (UGA) has won the College Football National Championship against the reigning University of Alabama (UA) team.  

“I have been a Georgia football fan for as long as I can remember, and it is really special to see them win a national title after so long.” Savannah Pullen, freshman, said. 

Kirby Smart, head coach of the Bulldogs, was an assistant to Alabama’s current coach, Nick Saban, from 2008-2015, but Smart left in 2015 to coach for Georgia. This year, Smart led the team to a 14-1 season record with their only loss to UA in the Southeastern Conference Championship (SEC). Beginning in the late 1800s, this historic rivalry between the teams has been prevalent with Georgia on a losing streak to Alabama since 2008, until now. 

“Smart’s quest to forever win a good name in his home state had to go through the most difficult trial in college football. He had to defeat Saban—the greatest coach in the history of the sport and Smart’s mentor—for the first time.” Pat Forde, sports journalist, said, here 

UGA dominated this past season, beating several top teams. Their biggest competition, UA, first met on Dec. 4, at the SEC Championship. Georgia did not come out on top, losing 41-24. After a great streak, fans were heart-broken but did not give up on them yet. 

“After going to the game, I was devastated when we were not able to beat Alabama, but when we were given a second chance, it made it even better to come out as national champions.” Lana Fischer, junior, said. 

UGA advanced to the playoffs, despite their loss, and won against the University of Michigan (34-11) on Dec. 31. UA then won their game against the University of Cincinnati, and a rematch was scheduled. Both teams prepared for the championship set in Indianapolis with their hearts focused on another title to take home. The majority of the game was close, but towards the end, the Bulldogs got their edge over the Tide. Kelee Ringo, Georgia defensive back, sealed the win with an interception and a touchdown, also known as a “pick-six.” After more than four decades, the Bulldogs have another title under their belt.  

“The game was really close but when Kelee caught the interception, I knew that we had won, and I was so excited to finally win a National Championship,” Joseph Mcdonald, sophomore, said.  

Georgia officially celebrated in its hometown, Athens, on Jan. 8. For more details about the after-parties, visit here.