JoJo’s XOMG pop revolution


The spotlight shines on one of the nation’s youngest all-girl pop bands as they rapidly gain popularity; Joelle Joanie (JoJo) Siwa and her mother, Jessalynn Siwa, released a new T.V. show titled “Siwas Dance Pop Revolution” on Peacock, a popular streaming network. The series documented the process of the two forming a new girl group called XOMG POP. Through eight episodes that consist of competition and eliminations, the final creation of the pop band is decided. As they managed the team, JoJo took on a special role as a mentor for the girls by choreographing their dances and assisting them as their media presence skyrocketed. 

The band is made up of seven girls between the ages of ten and fourteen. Since the finale of the show, the groupwith the help of the mother-daughter duohave released their first single called “Candy Hearts” and are going to be co-stars with JoJo on her tour. 

“You are looking at seven little perfect kiddos that are going to be joining me for a little bit,” JoJo said in an interview with E! news.

Over the past two years, fans have started to notice the shift in JoJo’s appearance as she becomes more mature and slowly steps away from the bows and glitter she built her fame upon. Many see her new girl group as a business tactic to part from her previous child-like aesthetic while continuing to appeal to a younger audience. 

“I think that JoJo is a marketing genius, she is continuing to make money off of a brand she may not be able to be a part of much longer,“ Erick Lopez, senior, said. 

Though the group may not be in the age range of most Etowah students, many find JoJo to be an interesting celebrity to follow on social media. Some even look up to her new character and development. 

 “I think it is a little weird that she is trying to pass on her career to kids, but I like that she is giving the kids an opportunity,” Bailey Montgomery, freshman, said.

The best is yet to come from this group as they continue to work on their music and grow their own brand. In order to follow their story, one can follow them on their Instagram or give them support on their website.